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As an 80’s kid who grew up on cas­settes and his dad’s vinyl col­lec­tion, the jour­ney of mu­sic dis­cov­ery has taken some in­ter­est­ing twists and turns over the decades. Who can for­get the joy of mak­ing mix­tapes for that spe­cial some­one, or the first time they ex­pe­ri­enced the warmth and sub­tle hiss of a vinyl record? But alas, those ana­log days were soon re­placed with the dig­i­tal au­dio revo­lu­tion, which was around the time when au­dio CDs and play­ers be­came af­ford­able for the masses. Then MP3 and peer-to-peer file shar­ing came along, dis­rupt­ing the mu­sic in­dus­try and paving the way for to­day’s mu­sic stream­ing ser­vices.

While I do col­lect CDs from time to time, I’ve also pur­chased my fair share of mu­sic from iTunes, Band­camp, and Big Car­tel. De­spite my best in­ten­tions, I have spent an un­healthy amount of time cat­a­loging my dig­i­tal mu­sic li­brary, mak­ing sure that the tracks are tagged cor­rectly with match­ing cover art. Lately, how­ever, it’s be­com­ing more dif­fi­cult to jus­tify the pur­chase of dig­i­tal mu­sic. Af­ter all, why sub­scribe to all-you-can-stream ser­vices like Spo­tify and Deezer, when you’re go­ing to fork out the price of a monthly fee for an al­bum? In this is­sue of HWM Malaysia, we high­light of five pop­u­lar stream­ing ser­vices on page 70 (“Stream Your Beats”) and com­pared their strengths and weak­nesses to find out which of­fers the best over­all pack­age.

But it’s not all about the mu­sic this Au­gust, as we have pre­pared two shootouts for your read­ing plea­sure. The first touches on busi­ness-cen­tric Ul­tra­books (“Light­weight Ma­chines for Heavy Work­loads”, page 60) that prom­ises light­ning-quick boot times and all­day pro­duc­tiv­ity on a sin­gle charge, while the sec­ond re­volves around af­ford­able smart­phones (page 78) that let you ex­pe­ri­ence ul­tra-fast 4G LTE con­nec­tiv­ity with­out break­ing the bud­get. This is­sue also saw the in­tro­duc­tion of a new sec­tion called Geek Life, and we’re kick­ing things off with a se­lec­tion of smart watches for the savvy trav­eler in you.

We hope you’ll en­joy the rest of the Au­gust 2014 is­sue. And with that, un­til next time!

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