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Why place a te­le­scope up in space? Be­cause the at­mos­phere con­tains mov­ing air pock­ets that dis­tort the rays of light en­ter­ing tele­scopes on earth—dis­tort­ing their view—and be­cause it ab­sorbs cer­tain wave­lengths of ra­di­a­tion that sci­en­tists can use to study ob­jects that emit ra­di­a­tion, like stars.

So, the Hub­ble te­le­scope re­sides 569 km above the sur­face of Earth, and has helped sci­en­tists see all stages of evo­lu­tion in gal­ax­ies in­clud­ing the rev­e­la­tion of an ap­prox­i­mate of the age of the uni­verse—13 to 14 bil­lion years. Text by Art Di­rec­tion by

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