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iOS 8 fixes a num­ber of vul­ner­a­bil­i­ties and that alone is a rea­son to up­grade. For one, when you set a pass­code on iOS 8, it en­crypts your data with a key that Ap­ple has no ac­cess to.

Lo­ca­tion track­ing gains more gran­u­lar­ity. In the past, there were only two set­tings; an app could ei­ther track your lo­ca­tion or it couldn’t. Now, an app can be set to only know your lo­ca­tion while you’re us­ing it.

When us­ing Wi-Fi scan­ning, iOS 8 de­vices will gen­er­ate ran­dom MAC ad­dresses rather than the unique MAC ad­dress on its hard­ware. Ac­cess to Con­tacts is also stricter, whereas pre­vi­ously al­low­ing an app ac­cess to your con­tacts gave it the full list, now you can limit ac­cess to a sin­gle con­tact.

Cer­tain third-party key­boards will re­quest full ac­cess (turned off by de­fault) for fea­tures like pre­dic­tive typ­ing, and this will send what you type into their servers for anal­y­sis. But even if you use a third­party key­board, iOS 8 will de­fault back to Ap­ple’s built-in key­boards when you’re key­ing in sen­si­tive info like pass­words.

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