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In­tro­duced in iOS 8, ex­ten­sions open up iOS in a way never done be­fore. Whereas apps were pre­vi­ously tightly sand­boxed from each other, ex­ten­sions now lets them embed them­selves into the OS and even work with each other while still re­main­ing se­cure.

Right now, iOS 8 has six dif­fer­ent kinds of ex­ten­sions. Wid­gets on the No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­ter are one. The Share and Ac­tion sheet also gain ex­ten­sions, as does photo edit­ing in the Pho­tos app. Stor­age ex­ten­sions let apps open files from a va­ri­ety of cloud stor­age providers, and key­board ex­ten­sions let you re­place Ap­ple’s key­board with a third-party one.

Be­cause de­vel­op­ers need to code ex­ten­sions for their apps, what’s avail­able on your de­vice de­pends on what apps you have and what its de­vel­op­ers have done to support it.

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