Kingston HyperX Preda­tor DDR4-3000

Kingston HyperX Preda­tor (16GB DDR4-3000 Kit)

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HyperX. Say that name to any gamer or PC enthusiast, and there is a very good chance that the cor­re­spond­ing name 'Kingston' will follow. It's a name that's syn­ony­mous with high-qual­ity, high-per­for­mance mem­ory mod­ules and stor­age so­lu­tions. In this is­sue, we take a look at the company's new HyperX Preda­tor DDR4 mem­ory mod­ules, which are de­signed for In­tel's lat­est X99 chipset moth­er­boards.

To start, the new HyperX Preda­tor DDR4 ac­tu­ally comes in five vari­a­tions: 2,133MHz, 2,400MHz, 2,666MHz, 2,800MHz and 3,000MHz. The vari­a­tion that we had for test­ing was the 3,000MHz model. Like most high­per­for­mance mem­ory mod­ules, the HyperX Preda­tor DDR4 comes in a set of four mem­ory mod­ules per kit.

Upon plug­ging them into the moth­er­board, we ac­tu­ally no­ticed some stark dif­fer­ences in the mem­ory's de­fault set­tings. As we've men­tioned in our pre­vi­ous reviews, mem­ory mod­ules will usu­ally run at the de­fault speed of 1,333MHz by de­fault, re­gard­less of its ad­ver­tised clock speed.

Re­gard­ing its de­sign, Kingston's heatsinks are what they are: sim­ple and un­com­pli­cated. The heatsinks are con­structed out of hard, ma­chine-cut alu­minum, with some very ba­sic, yet ef­fec­tive fins cut out at the top of them. Re­gret­tably, they only come in the color black, but for all in­tents and pur­poses, it does make the en­tire mem­ory mod­ule look sleek and func­tional, all with­out be­ing too gar­ish.

To test the HyperX Preda­tor DDR4 mem­ory mod­ules, we put them through the AIDA64 bench­mark. We first tested it at the de­fault clock speed of 2,133MHz, and found that the mem­ory mod­ules at­tained read and write speeds of up to 43,586Mbps and 42,335Mbps, re­spec­tively. After that, we pushed clock speed up to its max­i­mum level of 3,000MHz and ran the same bench­mark again. This time, the read and write speeds which it achieved were 64,863Mbps and 50,756Mbps, which is a marked dif­fer­ence.

On PCMark 8, the over­all score our sys­tem achieve 4,615 on the Cre­ative Suite, but that isn't what we were im­pressed with. At a clock speed of 3,000MHz, this HyperX Preda­tor DDR4 mem­ory kit was able to com­plete the bench­mark in un­der an hour, with web browsers load­ing up in less than 0.5 of a sec­ond. Open­ing up videos took a lit­tle longer, with the mem­ory mod­ules tak­ing an av­er­age of 45 seconds in or­der to load up and start play­ing.

On Su­per Pi, the mem­ory mod­ules man­aged to per­form 16,000 cal­cu­la­tions in 0.1 seconds, while 32 mil­lion cal­cu­la­tions took ap­prox­i­mately 10 min­utes to com­plete.

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