Vin­n­fier Champ 202 BTRM

Vin­n­fier Champ 202 BTRM

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Last month, we had a look at Vin­n­fier's Champ 303 BTRM, a 2.1-chan­nel speaker sys­tem with Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity, FM ra­dio, mi­cro­phone in­puts, USB and SD card support, as well as a re­mote con­trol. This time around, we take a look at the Champ 202 BTRM, a slightly smaller and sleeker it­er­a­tion.

One thing that can be said about the smaller and sleeker de­sign is that it is more pleas­ant to the eyes. Also, you have more op­tions when it comes to the place­ment of the Champ 202 BTRM, due to its slim­mer pro­file.

Of course, a down­size will ob­vi­ously be fol­lowed by a dip in to­tal out­put, so the Champ 202 BTRM has a to­tal RMS out­put of 60W. That said, you shouldn't need to worry about the vol­ume level, as it is still quite ca­pa­ble of deaf­en­ing you should you al­low it to. As be­fore, the woofer port is to the left side, while the con­trols and the LCD screen are up in front. The SD card slot and USB port are be­low them, along with the two mi­cro­phone ports and con­trols.

The back is where you plug in the satel­lites' RCA out­puts, along with the RCA-to-3.5mm in­put. The FM ra­dio antenna is de­tach­able this time, which is plugged in via a sep­a­rate RCA cable. As with the big­ger Champ 303 BTRM, you also get Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity, and the re­mote con­trol that lets you switch in­put modes be­tween the avail­able op­tions, ad­just vol­umes, mute your tracks and change equal­izer set­tings be­tween the pre­sets and the cus­tom bass and tre­ble set­tings.

As al­ways, we con­nected the Champ 202 BTRM to a PC and played a num­ber of dif­fer­ent tracks from var­i­ous gen­res. The bass is good, but the mids and highs are a lit­tle lack­ing. Some­times you have the highs over­pow­er­ing the de­tails from the mids, or the midrange drown­ing the highs. This gets am­pli­fied if you only pump up the tre­ble, but for­tu­nately, dili­gent switch­ing of the pre­set equal­izer pro­files al­le­vi­ates this prob­lem. There are five EQ pro­files to choose from – pop, rock, jazz, clas­si­cal and the de­fault flat – so there is plenty to cy­cle through to find the one per­fect for your cur­rent track.

The Vin­n­fier Champ 202 BTRM is ar­guably bet­ter look­ing than its bulkier brother, but oth­er­wise, there is lit­tle dif­fer­ence be­tween them. Again, Blue­tooth con­nec­tiv­ity and the re­mote con­trol are your best friends when uti­liz­ing this set of speak­ers.

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