Belkin Net Cam HD+

Belkin NetCam HD+

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The idea be­hind an af­ford­able home se­cu­rity cam­era is, of course, surveil­lance in your ab­sence. With the trend of DIY home se­cu­rity on the rise, Belkin steps up once again with the NetCam HD+.

What we have here is a no-frills cam­era that cap­tures footage at 720p HD res­o­lu­tion. There is a mi­cro­phone at the front and speak­ers at the back, which com­ple­ments its pushto-talk func­tion­al­ity, though it must be said that it is odd to place the speak­ers at the back, but we'll elab­o­rate on this later. It also comes with a stand that can be con­verted into a wall mount.

Set­ting it up re­quires a smart­phone app sim­ply named NetCam, which can be used on An­droid and iOS plat­forms. The process is sim­ple, as ex­plained by the user man­ual. It takes power from a wall socket, and the power sup­ply cable mea­sures at three me­ters. You have some op­tions when it comes to the place­ment of the NetCam. You can view what the NetCam is record­ing via the app it­self or through a web browser.

Whether you are us­ing the NetCam via the app or browser, the images are clear as you would ex­pect from a 720p HD cam­era. There is a night vi­sion mode as well, which turns on au­to­mat­i­cally when the cam­era de­tects that it is in the dark. It re­lays your video feed in real time, but you may get any­where from five to over 30 seconds de­lay, de­pend­ing on net­work con­di­tions. The video feed also gets dis­torted when faced with rapid move­ment, but strangely this doesn't hap­pen in night vi­sion mode.

The push-to-talk func­tion­al­ity men­tioned ear­lier also works quite nicely. Sounds are heard clearly go­ing both ways, but with the speaker fac­ing the back, they aren't heard as loudly if you po­si­tion the cam­era in any way where the back is not di­rectly fac­ing a wall. The up­side is that the sound does not suf­fer from la­tency as badly as the video feeds.

There are a num­ber of other fea­tures as well, such as the abil­ity store up to 14 hours of footage, as well as the mo­tion de­tec­tor func­tion, which sends you a push no­ti­fi­ca­tion when the cam­era de­tects move­ment, but th­ese are all only avail­able if you opt for the pre­mium Cloud+ ser­vice.

If you are a bud­ding home se­cu­rity enthusiast, then the Belkin NetCam HD+ is a good place to start. The fea­tures are pretty ba­sic right off the bat, but you can still get the pre­mium fea­tures with a sub­scrip­tion in­stead of chang­ing your hard­ware en­tirely.

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