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If you're some­one who loves mu­sic, then it's likely that you'd want to take your mu­sic ev­ery­where you go. How­ever, most speak­ers aren't durable enough to be car­ried around, as they may not even sur­vive a drop from waist height. To meet the mar­ket's de­mand, man­u­fac­tur­ers have be­gun to build por­ta­ble and durable speak­ers. Among th­ese speak­ers is the TDK TREK Mi­cro: a small, yet handy speaker. Find out more about it in this re­view!

Aes­thet­i­cally, the TREK Mi­cro looks just like a LEGO brick. It's squar­ish and min­i­mal­ist in de­sign. Like its name­sake, the TREK Mi­cro is small in size, it's just slightly big­ger than the palm of your hand, so it's ex­tremely easy to carry around. In terms of build qual­ity, you can tell just by sight that this speaker can han­dle much more than a cou­ple of bumps.

Speak­ing of dura­bil­ity, the TREK Mi­cro is rated IP64, which means that it's pro­tected from splash­ing wa­ter and dust. This means that thrillseek­ers will be able to take this speaker out on hikes and other ad­ven­tures. In fact, TDK en­cour­ages you to take the TREK Mi­cro with you, thanks to a bun­dled cara­biner. With the cara­biner, you can latch the TREK Mi­cro to your lug­gage, or even your belt loops.

When it comes to con­nec­tiv­ity, this speaker has Blue­tooth and NFC ca­pa­bil­i­ties. Need­less to say, pair­ing is made eas­ier with an NFC-ca­pa­ble smart­phone. There's also one 3.5mm in­put and one 3.5mm out­put, so you should be able to daisy-chain two or more of th­ese speak­ers. If you're not a fan of wires, the TREK Mi­cro has a trick up its sleeve. You can wire­lessly pair two of them via Blue­tooth to get stereo audio! TDK is call­ing this TrueWire­less Stereo (TWS). To en­able it, you just have to flip a switch found at the side of this speaker.

As for audio qual­ity, we tested the TREK Mi­cro's per­for­mance by play­ing our fa­vorite list of songs. We're happy to re­port that for such a small speaker, it's rather loud and the there's a lot of de­tails to be heard. How­ever, don't ex­pect the mids and highs to be as clear as full-fledged speak­ers. It's also worth men­tion­ing that we no­ticed a very small amount of dis­tor­tion when we blasted up­beat songs like ‘Let it Rock' from Kevin Ru­dolf.

All in all, the TREK Mi­cro de­liv­ers very re­spectable audio qual­ity, con­sid­er­ing its size. It's def­i­nitely an ap­peal­ing op­tion for those look­ing for a rugged and por­ta­ble speaker.

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