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Some of us still do our laun­dry en­tirely by hand. Most oth­ers who use wash­ing ma­chines still have to deal with man­u­ally pre­wash­ing cloth­ing from time to time. The bit in be­tween the pre­wash­ing and chuck­ing ev­ery­thing into the wash­ing ma­chine can be a tire­some – and some­times tir­ing – one. Sam­sung aims to get rid of that bit with its new se­ries of wash­ing ma­chines. Dubbed Ac­tiv Du­al­wash, th­ese top-load­ing wash­ing ma­chines come with a wash­board-sink un­der the top lid, which you can de­tach and do your pre­wash­ing on. The wash­board is made of poly­methyl methacry­late (PMMA), some­times called acrylic glass, so it can take some pretty rough treat­ment. Fi­nally, on the imag­ing front we have the NX500. In­her­it­ing many of the specs fig­ures of the NX1, the NX500 boasts a best-in-class DRIMeV Im­age pro­ces­sor, an NX AF sys­tem III and Sam­sung’s 28-megapixel BSI APS-C sen­sor. All of this is packed in a smaller body for eas­ier han­dling and trans­port­ing. Ca­pa­ble of up to 9 FPS con­tin­u­ous shoot­ing and 4K record­ing, the NX500 also comes with wire­less con­nec­tiv­ity op­tions like Blue­tooth and Wi-Fi so that you can share your shots al­most im­me­di­ately af­ter they are taken. Us­ing Sam­sung’s pro­pri­etary Ring Ra­di­a­tor tech­nol­ogy, the Om­ni­di­rec­tional 360 Au­dio speak­ers are said to be able to project sound in a 360-de­gree ra­dius, while main­tain­ing per­fect sound stag­ing, as well as bal­ance be­tween tre­ble and bass. It is also ap­par­ently pos­si­ble to scat­ter mul­ti­ple units around the house, and have them all paired to a smart­phone so that when you move from one room to an­other, the speak­ers in the room you are about to en­ter pow­ers up and plays your tunes while the one in the room you just left pow­ers down. This the­o­ret­i­cal sce­nario means an un­in­ter­rupted lis­ten­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, though whether or not it works in ac­tual prac­tice re­mains to be seen. Sam­sung also has a vac­uum bot. This par­tic­u­lar bot has a suc­tion power of 30W, which they say is 60 times more pow­er­ful than other vac­uum bots. Aside from the usual fea­tures that come with things like this – such as smart pathing and sched­uled clean­ing, the POWER­bot also comes with a re­mote con­trol that has a laser pointer on it. This will let you tar­get a spe­cific area within the bot’s vicin­ity that you want cleaned, and the bot will wan­der over the point and do its thing, care­fully avoid­ing ob­sta­cles, un­scal­able ledges and wet patches. Speak­ing of un­scal­able ledges, the POWER­bot has what is called Easy Pass, which lets it climb over small ledges by push­ing one of its wheels down, in­creas­ing clear­ance height. An­other fea­ture Sam­sung boasts on the POWER­bot is what it calls Cy­clone Force, which whirls ev­ery­thing vac­u­umed in like a mini cy­clone, break­ing up clumps of dust.

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This 3-inch Su­per AMOLED touch­screen has what Sam­sung calls the Tilt and Flip func­tion.

The lat­ter for self­ies, ob­vi­ously.

With a built-in bat­tery, the WAM6500 is also a por­ta­ble speaker.

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