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Hav­ing In­ter­net con­nec­tiv­ity in the home, be is wired or wire­less, is more or less a ne­ces­sity. How­ever, our home may not be de­signed with sweep­ing cov­er­age in mind. Run­ning ca­bles around the house is not only an ex­pen­sive en­deavor, but also un­sightly, while Wi-Fi is no match for our thick brick and mor­tar walls, which some­times also hold iron rods, cop­per wiring, and metal plumb­ing.

This is where a range ex­ten­der comes in handy. Tech­ni­cally known as re­peaters, a nor­mal range ex­ten­der takes a sig­nal and re­peats it, mak­ing it stronger and ef­fec­tively ex­tend­ing its range. The TP-LINK TL-WA860RE can do all that, and more.

The name in full – 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Ex­ten­der with AC Passthrough – im­plies that it takes Wi-Fi sig­nals from your ex­ist­ing router and extends them. It is ca­pa­ble of 802.11n speeds, which means that it is great for sit­u­a­tions that call for high-speed con­nec­tiv­ity, for ex­am­ple, when you need to trans­fer a large file from a NAS to a PC.

Set­ting up the TL-WA860RE is as easy as plug­ging it into a power socket and press­ing a but­ton. It will in­form you if it is too close or too far from your router to give you op­ti­mal per­for­mance. Once you have the range ex­ten­der in the right spot, all you need to do is press the WPS but­ton on the router and the range ex­ten­der, and they will connect au­to­mat­i­cally.

A spe­cial fea­ture of the TL-WA860RE that is not com­monly seen on an­other such de­vices is that it has a power socket and an Eth­er­net port. This means once plugged in, you will still have ac­cess to the power out­let and you can connect wired de­vices, such as a table­top PC to it.

It also has two fixed ex­ter­nal an­ten­nas that not only de­liver op­ti­mal Wi-Fi cov­er­age, but also re­li­ably han­dles mu­sic and video stream­ing and on­line gam­ing.

One But­ton Su­per Wi-Fi Range Ex­ten­sion

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