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by Back in May, we tested NVIDIA’s most pow­er­ful sin­gle GPU graph­ics card in the GeForce lineup, the GTX TI­TAN X. Back then, we didn’t just test out a sin­gle card, but in­stead in­stalled two TI­TAN X cards so that we could bench­mark them in a dual SLI con­fig­u­ra­tion. Need­less to say, the re­sults were stag­ger­ingly and phe­nom­e­nally mind-blow­ing. Alas, for all its power and the games that the SLI setup could run, the card’s steep price tag of RM4,500 is a core rea­son that many PC gamers have re­frained from even con­sid­er­ing it. How­ever, if you’re still look­ing for a high­end GeForce graph­ics card, you might want to con­sider the re­cently-re­leased GeForce GTX 980 Ti. It’s the re­worked and mas­sively im­proved ver­sion of the GeForce GTX 980, and for this is­sue, we got it in our lab for test­ing. The TI­TAN X’s GM200 GPU was es­sen­tially just a show of power, a show of force if you will, prov­ing to the world what the card is ca­pa­ble of. But as far as gam­ing goes, there’s a rea­son that cards like the GeForce GTX 970, GTX 980 and (more re­cently) the GTX 980 Ti are made. The GTX 980 Ti is es­sen­tially a more re­fined, gam­ing-fo­cused vari­ant of the same GPU, and it’s fit­ted with 6GB of mem­ory, half that of the TI­TAN X. Now, be­fore you start think­ing that the re­duc­tion is in any way sig­nif­i­cant, re­mem­ber that other high-end graph­ics cards are loaded with a bare min­i­mum of 4GB GDDR5 mem­ory. One of the many im­prove­ments that NVIDIA made to the GTX 980 Ti was on its ther­mal out­put and power draw. Com­pared to the way that the TI­TAN X drew power, the GTX 980 Ti ac­tu­ally draws sig­nif­i­cantly less power un­der a full load and when idle, as you can see in the charts on this Lab Exam. The GTX 980 Ti is no slouch ei­ther. The card is pack­ing 2,816 CUDA cores, and just like the TI­TAN X, it can per­form 96 ROPS, and even has a Tex­ture Fill Rate (TMU) of 192 cy­cles per sec­ond. In other words, this card still has enough power to run al­most all of to­day’s games at Ul­tra HD (4K) res­o­lu­tion seam­lessly, with min­i­mal amount of lag.

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