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For many con­tent and TV mak­ers, the next big thing af­ter 4K is HDR (high dy­namic range). At IFA 2015, Sam­sung and Sony have com­mit­ted to bring HDR sup­port to all their 2015 4K LCD mod­els though up­com­ing firmware up­dates. But HDR will truly shine on OLED TVs, as OLED tech has the ca­pa­bil­ity to ren­der the re­quired HDR light range bet­ter than LCD. LG’s EF9500 and EF9200 are the com­pany’s first 4K OLED TVs to sup­port HDR right out of the box. These TVs are able to ren­der HDR con­tent from stream­ing ser­vices (e.g. Ama­zon Prime Video) as well as ex­ter­nal sources (e.g. UHD Blu-ray play­ers). The only non-LG 4K HDR-en­abled OLED TV on the hori­zon is Pana­sonic’s CZ950.

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