We talk to Keeran Janin about Tap Get’s new Ap­ple Watch app, What Time.

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Up un­til to­day, there hasn’t re­ally been a smart­watch that car­ries with it both a per­sonal touch and a hu­man el­e­ment. Now, that’s about to change, thanks to Keeran Janin, founder of the com­pany Tap Get, who’s ac­tu­ally look­ing to make the smart­watch do more than just tell the time.

To do this, he has cre­ated a smart­watch-ori­ented app that’s called ‘What Time’. This app is de­signed to (at cur­rent) work with the Ap­ple Watch and iPhones.

Keeran tells us that his app is more of a so­cial media and mes­sag­ing tool. It func­tions by hav­ing the user speak di­rectly into the Ap­ple Watch dur­ing a cer­tain time of day (e.g. It’s Cof­fee Time), to which the Watch will then open up a room known as a ‘Time’ for other What Time users to join in. Of course, Keeran as­sures us that users of What Time will be able to set the pri­vacy level of the ‘Time’.

‘Time’ rooms are unique, in that they are only ac­tive for a pe­riod of 24 hours, but for each com­ment a user leaves in the room, the timer of that ‘Time’ room adds ex­tra 10 min­utes into the room. Once the 24-hour timer ex­pires, that ‘Time’ de­ac­ti­vates and users will no longer be able to leave mes­sages in­side it, with Keeran ex­plain­ing that a topic can only stay rel­e­vant for so long. That be­ing said, each ‘Time’ room will have an op­tion for you to cre­ate a new ‘Time’ at the press of a but­ton.

As men­tioned ear­lier, Keeran says that at cur­rent, What Time will only be avail­able for the iPhone and the Ap­ple Watch, but did men­tion that when the time is right, his team will re­lease an An­droid ver­sion of it.

Keeran Janin, Founder of Tap Get, and cre­ator of the Ap­ple Watch app, ‘What Time’.

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