Gi­ga­byte Z170X-Gam­ing G1

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Gi­ga­byte is a brand which, in our ex­pe­ri­ence, has rarely dis­ap­points. Whether graph­ics cards or moth­er­boards, the com­pany has long had a rep­u­ta­tion for pro­duc­ing some of the most re­li­able and pro­duc­tive pieces of hard­ware out on the mar­ket. With In­tel's Sky­lake CPUs now widely avail­able, we got a chance to take one of Gi­ga­byte's high-end moth­er­boards to the lim­its: the Z170X-Gam­ing G1.

If there's any­thing to be said about the Z170X-Gam­ing G1, it's that it just looks ab­so­lutely wicked. The moth­er­board sports some re­ally stylish cov­ers that are painted in a strong redand-white mo­tif, so much so that it is ab­so­lutely strik­ing and stun­ning to look at. Hon­estly, if Gi­ga­byte's in­ten­tion was to ac­tu­ally make the moth­er­board stand out, there's no doubt that they've done it right with the Z170X-Gam­ing G1, as the chas­sis can be il­lu­mi­nated with a choice of seven col­ors.

Need­less to say, the Z170XGam­ing G1 has been pep­pered with all sorts of new fea­tures as well. For starters, it's got not one, but two Ul­tra M.2 Socket 3 con­nec­tors, mean­ing that es­sen­tially, you could easily cre­ate a RAID 0 setup di­rectly on the moth­er­board with­out the need of an ex­ter­nal drive. Like so many other Z170 moth­er­boards that are com­ing into the mar­ket, the Z170XGam­ing G1 pro­vides sup­port for the latest USB 3.1 and USB Type-C con­fig­u­ra­tions di­rectly on the moth­er­board it­self.

The dual LAN ports that the Z170X-Gam­ing G1 is built with also gives you a sense of just how much pri­or­ity Gi­ga­byte has placed into mak­ing this a gamer's moth­er­board. Long story short: the dual LAN ports

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