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225,000 Jail­bro­ken iPhones Pos­si­bly In­fected with KeyRaider

Users of jail­bro­ken iPhones could pos­si­bly be hold­ing one that has been in­fected with the KeyRaider mal­ware. Ac­cord­ing to re­searchers

from U.S.-based spe­cial­ists Palo Alto Net­works, there's a pos­si­bil­ity

of close to 225,000 jail­bro­ken iPhones have been in­fected with the afore­men­tioned mal­ware. “We be­lieve this to be the largest known

Ap­ple ac­count theft caused by mal­ware,” said Claud Xiao, Se­cu­rity

Re­searcher, Palo Alto Net­works. KeyRaider works by col­lect­ing de­tails such as GUID, se­cu­rity cer­tifi­cates,

and even pri­vate keys from the Ap­ple Push no­ti­fi­ca­tion ser­vice. Even worse, it can even lock­down your de­vice en­tirely if you're in­cred­i­bly

un­lucky. ________________________________

Sam­sung to Build 6GB RAM Mod­ules for Smart­phones

Sam­sung is al­ready in the process of man­u­fac­tur­ing a 12 gi­ga­bit LPDDR4 RAM mod­ule for smart­phones. To put things into per­spec­tive, that's as much as 6GB of LPDDR4 RAM that Sam­sung in­tends to fit into a sin­gle mo­bile de­vice. Apart from the mas­sive ca­pac­ity boost, the 12Gb mod­ules will also be re­ceiv­ing a speed boost, with Sam­sung cit­ing up 30 per­cent more speed than the cur­rent 8Gb mod­ules that are cur­rently be­ing used in de­vices with 4GB of RAM. ________________________________

Porn App Cap­tures Users’ Photos, Then De­mands Ran­som

Se­cu­rity firm Zs­caler has dis­cov­ered an app called Adult App, which would

cap­ture the im­age of the user who down­loaded it (via the phone's front­fac­ing cam­era) and then black­mail the user with the photo un­til they pay a ran­som of US$500 (ap­prox. RM2,171). To add in­sult to in­jury, the

app will also lock­down the user's phone com­pletely un­til the pay­ment

has been made. Luck­ily, the app it­self can­not be found on the of­fi­cial Google Play store, which means that it can only work its ma­li­cious in­tent via a third-party in­stal­la­tion. We do ad­vise An­droid users to be care­ful of what they down­load, es­pe­cially when the app isn't listed on Google


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