Me­tal Gear Solid V: The Phan­tom Pain

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SAV­ING THE BEST FOR LAST Kon­ami’s last block­buster is also the last pro­ject by Kojima Pro­duc­tions. Me­tal Gear Solid V: The Phan­tom Pain (MGS V) is the last gear in the machi­na­tions of the Me­tal Gear saga and the miss­ing link be­tween the time­lines of Big Boss and Solid Snake. There’s a lot on the line with this one ti­tle. Will our ex­pec­ta­tions of the ti­tle be met? Will it fall short, or will it – in typ­i­cal Kojima fash­ion – still man­age to ex­ceed ex­pec­ta­tions and blow the gam­ing world out of the wa­ter?

Or­di­nar­ily, I’d just say “Yes, and some,” but that’s such a mas­sive un­der­state­ment that I’d be do­ing a ma­jor in­jus­tice to this game. ROLLING WHERE NO GEAR HAS ROLLED BE­FORE Just as the se­ries comes to an end, it also took a mas­sive change in di­rec­tion by go­ing open world. The ex­plorable area is mas­sive, but un­for­tu­nately, there’s lit­tle to do in be­tween main and sub mis­sions (side ops). You can wan­der the vast game world in be­tween, but let­ting your guard down may re­sult in you get­ting into a gun­fight with en­emy pa­trols on foot or on wheels, or even mauled down by the more vi­cious wildlife, like wild dogs and brown bears.

In ar­eas where you do see ac­tion how­ever, things are prop­erly chal­leng­ing. The open world al­lows for more com­plex pa­trol routes for en­e­mies in and around out­posts, and also for en­e­mies on pa­trol be­tween them to join in their ranks, when you least ex­pect it. As you un­der­take more mis­sions, en­e­mies also adapt to your tac­tics, like wear­ing hel­mets if you fa­vor head­shots and get­ting flash­lights and night vi­sion gog­gles if you carry out a lot of your mis­sions at night.

Match­ing the open-world com­plex­ity is the dy­namic time and weather sys­tem. In

the day and night sys­tem plays a vi­tal role in how your mis­sion goes. You will have to change tac­tics in re­sponse to the ris­ing or set­ting sun, as this af­fects your vi­sion as well as your en­e­mies’. Ran­dom sand­storms and rain may also come in, forc­ing you to adapt your strate­gies and tac­tics as flu­idly as the game flows.

As­sum­ing you’re do­ing side

Oc­ca­sion­ally, there’s space be­tween

pa­trols for you to get up close.

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