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HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL Hor­ror video games can usu­ally be sum­ma­rized with the phrase “you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all”. This holds a lot of weight, as many of them tend to share sim­i­lar game­play char­ac­ter­is­tics with one another: jump scares, supernatural en­ti­ties, and more jump scares.

Thank­fully, is not such a hor­ror game. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t have the con­ven­tional traits of a hor­ror game such as the ones we’ve men­tioned ear­lier though, be­cause it has plenty of those. But what it has in ad­di­tion to all that, is a well thought out sto­ry­line that doesn’t just re­volve around you fran­ti­cally try­ing to run away from what­ever it is that’s tor­ment­ing you. You see, the sto­ry­line of

heav­ily banks in on the ‘but­ter­fly ef­fect’ the­ory, which es­sen­tially means that the events of the game isn’t en­tirely set in stone. In­stead, the (many) de­ci­sions that you’ll be obliged to make through­out the course of the game will ef­fec­tively de­ter­mine how the rest of the game plays out. Yes, it also means that this game is non­lin­ear (to a fash­ion).

What’s more, un­like most hor­ror games, where play­ers will only be able to con­trol the main pro­tag­o­nist, play­ers will be able to take con­trol of the eight main char­ac­ters of

– each with their own unique sto­ry­line arc that would ul­ti­mately cul­mi­nate with an over­all pic­ture of what’s re­ally hap­pen­ing in the cold, dark, and se­cluded win­ter re­treat that is Black­wood Moun­tain. DE­CI­SIONS, DE­CI­SIONS As we’ve high­lighted ear­lier, play­ers will be need­ing to make plenty of (of­ten times off-the­cuff) de­ci­sions in like whether or not they should risk a short­cut when run­ning away from an in­sid­i­ous force, or play it safe by stay­ing by fol­low­ing the path. In that sense, the game of­fers plenty of re­playa­bil­ity.

There’s plenty of quick-time events to be found in

as well. But un­like most other games – where your de­layed re­sponse will of­ten end up with you restart­ing the game from your last check­point – mist­im­ing a quick-time event in

wouldn’t nec­es­sary re­sult in your im­me­di­ate death. Un­less, of course, you hap­pen to be leap­ing across a seem­ingly bot­tom­less ditch and whether you suc­cess­fully vault across it de­pends on whether you can mash the spec­i­fied but­ton on time.

Also, don’t ex­pect to spoon-feed you with where you should be go­ing next by pro­vid­ing you with the lux­ury of a map, as it’s en­tirely up to you to ex­plore its spooky, frigid en­vi­ron­ments for clues to point you in the right di­rec­tion.

All in all, we thor­oughly en­joyed our time with

de­spite its many blood­cur­dling jump scares, as it still man­aged to cap­ti­vate us with its com­pre­hen­sive plot, like­able char­ac­ters, and its beau­ti­fully de­signed win­ter land­scape. This says a lot, es­pe­cially since it’s com­ing from a writer who, if it wasn’t for the sake of his job, wouldn’t go near any hor­ror video game with a ten­foot pole.



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