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is the colos­sal media com­pany’s third ver­sion of its suc­cess­ful en­try in the ‘toys-to-life’ mar­ket. Right off the bat, it is poised for suc­cess as it is car­ried on the back of ar­guably one of the big­gest mon­ey­mak­ing fran­chise in en­ter­tain­ment history: But is it any good?

Toys-to-life is a cat­e­gory of video games that uses toys to un­lock or ac­cess con­tent in such games. With toy fig­urines and plas­tic to­kens are used to ac­cess char­ac­ters, sto­ry­driven game worlds, power-ups, items, and more.

The stan­dard 3.0 Starter Pack that we re­viewed comes with a (young) Anakin Sky­walker, an (ap­pren­tice) Ah­soka Tano, and the Twi­light of the Re­pub­lic Play Set. This brings us to our main con­tention against Dis­ney In­fin­ity 3.0 and the toys-to-life prod­ucts in gen­eral. WHAT’S IN STORE

fea­tures three Play Sets, an In­side Out Play Set, an Avengers Play Set, a new Toy Box in­ter-world ad­ven­ture called Toy Box Takeover, a ded­i­cated kart rac­ing game





OC­TO­BER 2015 called Toy Box Speed­way, and al­most 200 playable char­ac­ters. How­ever, un­less you have the cor­re­spond­ing fig­ures, you will not be able to ac­cess these con­tent that are al­ready on the disc.

With that aside, 3.0 has all the hall­marks of an ex­cel­lent se­quel. Ev­ery­thing, from graph­ics to game­play, has been im­proved.

At its core, is, par­don the pun, a toy box – a world build­ing tool where you can build your own ad­ven­tures. If you look at it this way, 3.0 is the best there is. The amount of tools at your dis­posal feels lim­it­less and what you can build – from ad­ven­tures, to games, to a fun play­ground – is lim­ited only by your imag­i­na­tion and how much ef­fort you want to pour into it. Or you could also down­load other peo­ple’s cre­ations and ex­pe­ri­ence those in­stead.

The game cre­ators have master­fully made the tu­to­rial ac­ces­si­ble. It’s not per­fect, but it is bet­ter than it has ever been. This is crit­i­cal as the num­ber of toys and what you can do in 3.0 is daunt­ing. IN A GAL­AXY FAR, FAR AWAY The

like other play sets in the se­ries, is fun, col­or­ful, and a lit­tle sim­plis­tic. Game­types are the sim­ple archetypes you might ex­pect to see in an MMORPG, such as fetch quests with some plat­form­ing se­quence, space bat­tles, and rac­ing in be­tween.

Fi­nally, the fig­ures and toys. They are well de­signed, look great, and wholly unique. Where else can you get Darth Vader done in the same style as Venom from Marvel, Anger from In­side Out, Tonto from Lone Ranger, and Mickey Mouse him­self? As a col­lectable,

fig­ures look to be the most af­ford­able, while all

fig­ures from 1.0 and 2.0 are com­pat­i­ble with 3.0, ex­cept for the Toy Boxes.



Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewy is back to­gether again, and in

you can come along for the ride.

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