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Are you the owner of a smart­phone with a small dis­play? Ever felt the frus­tra­tion of hit­ting the wrong but­tons on your teeny screen be­cause of your over­sized fin­gers? Did look­ing at a tablet with their mas­sive dis­plays made you feel in­ad­e­quate? Well, we have just the thing for you. How you like to use run An­droid apps on your desk­top or notebook? First off, you're go­ing to want to start up your browser and go to www.blues­ There are a cou­ple of dif­fer­ent em­u­la­tors out there that ba­si­cally does the same thing, but we like BlueS­tacks be­cause it's sim­ple, fast and easy to in­stall. It's also one of the few with ac­tive devel­oper sup­port, so up­dates and fixes are forth­com­ing.

Once you've down­loaded the ap­pro­pri­ate ver­sion, you can go ahead to in­stall it. For the pur­pose of this guide, we're in­stalling the Win­dows ver­sion.

You can choose to in­stall to any di­rec­tory you want, it doesn't mat­ter. When the op­tion to in­stall with App Store Ac­cess and Ap­pli­ca­tion Com­mu­ni­ca­tions pops up, make sure both are ticked or else you'll find that you can't ac­cess and down­load from the Google Play store. Once ev­ery­thing is done, the app should load right up into Google's Play store. From here on out, you sim­ply choose what­ever you want to down­load. Con­trols are easy, it's just like you're us­ing a phone. To se­lect, you just click your left mouse but­ton. If you need to tap and hold, just press and hold the left mouse but­ton and move in a di­rec­tion. It's all pretty in­tu­itive.

Of course, you can even cus­tom­ize your con­trols if you're so in­clined. Just se­lect the Key­board icon on the bot­tom right of the screen and you can cus­tom­ize and use key­board keys as short­cuts.

The other icons on the taskbar are to com­plete an ac­tion us­ing a spec­i­fied pro­gram, win­dowed mode and to close BlueS­tacks.

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