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But what if you wish to dis­able apps and ser­vices that the built-in Ap­pli­ca­tion Man­ager doesn't al­low? You can turn to a third-party app on the Google Play store called Pack­age Disabler Pro. This is an app specif­i­cally de­signed to dis­able un­wanted pack­ages on Sam­sung de­vices, and it doesn't re­quire you to root the de­vice.

Dis­abling sys­tem apps in Pack­age Disabler Pro is sim­ple: just click on the pack­age you want to dis­able. The free ver­sion has a limit on the num­ber of pack­ages you can dis­able (10 to 11), which is re­moved if you buy the full ver­sion that costs RM4.50. The full ver­sion also has ad­vanced fea­tures, as such let­ting you ex­port your dis­abled list, a search func­tion, and a one-click bloat­ware re­moval tool. Of course, we only rec­om­mend dis­abling things that you're cer­tain you don't need, and won't break crit­i­cal sys­tem func­tions. In short, if you're un­cer­tain what a pack­age does, don't touch it.

The best thing about Pack­age Disabler Pro is that it lets you dis­able apps with­out re­quir­ing you to root the de­vice.

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