NVIDIA arms gam­ing note­books with desk­top-class GeForce GTX 980 GPUs.

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by Back in the days, when it comes to sheer graph­i­cal pro­cess­ing power, there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt that desk­top-class hard­ware would floor and de­mol­ish its mobile coun­ter­parts. This is why when con­sumers go for a ded­i­cated gam­ing ma­chine, the an­swer is al­most al­ways a desk­top PC, with gam­ing note­books only be­ing an op­tion if there is a great will­ing­ness to com­pro­mise on value-for-money for porta­bil­ity.

Over the years, ef­forts have been made to close the per­for­mance gap be­tween desk­top PCs and note­books. Some note­book man­u­fac­tur­ers have be­gun ex­per­i­ment­ing with putting desk­top­class CPUs into their note­books, and with ‘Sky­lake’, In­tel has also in­tro­duced mobile K-SKU pro­ces­sors – un­locked mobile pro­ces­sors al­low­ing over­clock­ing. The fu­ture looked bright for note­book gamers, un­til NVIDIA came around with an an­nounce­ment that made it al­most blind­ing: bring­ing desk­top-class GeForce GTX 980 GPUs to a new breed of gam­ing note­books.

This marks the first time that gam­ing note­books are equipped with desk­top-class GPUs. This first leads to a num­ber of other firsts, such as gam­ing note­books com­ing with un­locked GPUs for greater over­clock­ing po­ten­tial, and for GPUs in note­books to be ca­pa­ble of over 7Gbps in base mem­ory clock speeds. To get all th­ese firsts to work to­gether is an­other first: get­ting near-full con­trol of the note­book’s fan. As a re­sult, it wouldn’t be too out­ra­geous to ex­pect al­most desk­top-like per­for­mance from gam­ing note­books in the fu­ture.

This de­vel­op­ment means that we may soon be bid­ding farewell to the days of play­ing the lat­est triple-A games with sub-par graph­ics set­tings, just be­cause we chose a portable ma­chine. This also means that we’ll be able to play said games at cranked up set­tings on mul­ti­mon­i­tor set­ups in­stead of the note­book dis­play, if we so choose.

With all that, one ques­tion re­mains: “What’s to hap­pen to the GeForce 900M se­ries?” NVIDIA said that they will still be around and wasn’t will­ing to share any more than that. We’re tak­ing the com­pany’s word on it, but we’re also pretty sure that soon, more of the GeForce GTX 900 se­ries’ fam­ily will be show­ing up on note­books.

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