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by You have an in­ter­est­ing sur­name. What’s the story be­hind that? I’m an artist. Ac­tu­ally, my real name is Pe­ter Zhuo, but kids al­ways call me Pe­ter Draw, so I just went with it. I started out when I was 16 by draw­ing por­traits on the street for free. I started get­ting bet­ter and then I started work­ing for events com­pa­nies. I was charg­ing $10/ hour (ap­prox. RM29/hour) at the start, but at my peak I was earn­ing $2,000/ hour (ap­prox. RM5,976/hour) at big cor­po­rate events churn­ing out por­traits ev­ery 30 sec­onds. record­ing in­stantly. You press the red but­ton to stop record­ing. You can also edit footage, skip around the video, add mu­sic from mil­lions of songs in the iTunes li­brary to it – they’re only 30 sec­ond clips, so there’s no li­cens­ing is­sues – fil­ters and other ef­fects.

We also want to give peo­ple un­lim­ited stor­age, to let them store as much of their pre­cious mem­o­ries as they want, for­ever, for free. We’re work­ing to­wards higher and higher video qual­ity so that the mem­o­ries cap­tured are as real as pos­si­ble.

If you look at Face­book or YouTube or Google, there’s a lot of other con­tent on it. We want Present to just be for peo­ple’s most pre­cious mem­o­ries, so you’ll be able to search and dis­cover videos that mean some­thing.

It is my hope that with Present, I can help chil­dren, like the girl I met in Costa Rica, re­mem­ber the peo­ple they have lost, be it a par­ent, sib­ling or a friend. I hope this will help them feel less alone in the world, and that, in turn will spur them on to achieve great things in life. What is Present? The idea for Present was born when I vis­ited Costa Rica. I met a young girl who had lost her mother in an earth­quake. She said that she felt alone be­cause there was no­body to cel­e­brate her birth­day, and that her home felt empty as if there was no­body there. Meet­ing her sparked the idea of Present as a way of cap­tur­ing mem­o­ries of your loved ones, so you can hold onto them for­ever. Present is an app where you’ll see a lot of ba­bies, a lot of first mem­o­ries. And also a lot of old peo­ple, a lot of last mem­o­ries. Present is about re­mind­ing peo­ple about life and death and trea­sur­ing every­thing in be­tween by sav­ing and shar­ing those pre­cious and fleet­ing mem­o­ries. What makes Present dif­fer­ent from other video record­ing apps and so­cial me­dia plat­forms? Our app is very sim­ple to use. You don’t need to press a but­ton to record. As soon as the app launches it starts How are you plan­ning on giv­ing peo­ple un­lim­ited stor­age? Is Present free to use? Yes, Present is com­pletely free to use. We’ll take care of the costs for stor­age. I don’t have all the an­swers, but along the way, we’ll fig­ure out how it’s all go­ing to work. I’m not go­ing to be the CEO that tells you I have every­thing fig­ured out, but right now, our ob­jec­tive is to de­liver the best value for the peo­ple we’re do­ing this for, like moth­ers who want to cap­ture their baby’s first mo­ments.

Will you be of­fer­ing premium ser­vices or other paid-for fea­tures?

Once we are able to, we do want to start of­fer­ing premium ser­vices. For ex­am­ple, we imag­ine that soon, a lot of wed­ding videog­ra­phers won’t need to buy very ex­pen­sive cam­eras, and in the fu­ture, any­body with a smart­phone and Present premium fea­tures can be a videog­ra­pher and can cre­ate a part-time job for them­selves at a wed­ding or a birth­day party. We’re cre­at­ing jobs for peo­ple.

By of­fer­ing a free high-qual­ity video record­ing app, and un­lim­ited high­qual­ity stor­age, are you wor­ried that peo­ple will start us­ing Present for ev­ery­day mun­dane videos, di­lut­ing the app’s phi­los­o­phy of stor­ing life’s pre­cious mem­o­ries?

I be­lieve that ev­ery­one de­fines what mem­o­ries are pre­cious to them in their own way. To some peo­ple, that could be their child­hood mem­o­ries, el­derly’s last birth­days, right to vlog, beauty mo­ments of their youth, crazy ex­pe­ri­ences with their friends, singing at home, or food videos. I’ll take a step back and al­low users to de­fine their own pre­cious mem­o­ries and let them find their own spe­cial way with Present.

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