Look­ing very much like its more pow­er­ful sib­lings is the ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 950, which is de­signed with the tra­di­tional black color scheme with red sticker ac­cents. Look over to the top of the card and you’ll no­tice the two pro­trud­ing 8mm cop­per heat­pipes that work as part of ASUS’ pro­pri­etary Direc­tCU II ther­mal cool­ing sys­tem, which comes in di­rect con­tact with the GPU to help with heat dis­si­pa­tion.

While we won’t deny that the Direc­tCU II cool­ing sys­tem plays an in­dis­pens­able role at help­ing the card stay cool, we have to point out that it’s sur­pris­ingly not as ef­fec­tive at reg­u­lat­ing the card’s tem­per­a­ture as the IceS­torm cool­ing sys­tem of the Zotac Geforce GTX 950 AMP! Edi­tion.

If there was one thing that’s no­tice­ably ab­sent from the STRIX GeForce GTX 950, it would be a back­plate, which is a shame, re­ally, as the two other cards in this shootout –one of which ac­tu­ally be­ing cheaper than the ASUS – comes with a back­plate in tow.

You can eas­ily tell that the STRIX GeForce GTX 950 is go­ing to have a tough time go­ing up against the other two cards just by look­ing at its spec­i­fi­ca­tion sheet. De­spite hav­ing a fac­to­ry­over­clocked core clock speed of 1,165MHz and a boost core clock speed of 1,355MHz, the STRIX GeForce GTX 950 is still un­able to match the slightly higher base and boost clock speeds of both the Gi­ga­byte and the Zotac cards.

The card’s clock speed de­fi­ciency be­came im­me­di­ately ap­par­ent when we sub­jected it to the out-of-the-box 3DMark bench­mark test, where the STRIX GeForce GTX 950 came up short against both the Gi­ga­byte and the Zotac in the Fire Strike and Fire Strike Ex­treme bench­marks. With that said, the card did man­age to pull slightly ahead of the other two cards dur­ing the no-non­sense Fire Strike Ul­tra bench­mark.

But once over­clock­ing came into play, the STRIX GeForce GTX 950 still fell be­hind the Gi­ga­byte and Zotac cards, de­spite push­ing both its core clock speed to 1,296MHz, and its mem­ory clock speed to 1,700MHz.

What we par­tic­u­larly liked about the card though, was its abil­ity to re­main silent even when its du­al­fans started spin­ning un­der heavy load, specif­i­cally dur­ing bench­mark­ing and gam­ing. Bet­ter yet, the card will en­ter a state of vir­tual si­lence when its fans stop spin­ning as the card’s tem­per­a­ture dips be­low 60°C.

As far as con­nec­tiv­ity ports are con­cerned, the STRIX GeForce GTX 950 comes with one DVI-I port, one DVI-D port, one HDMI port, and a Dis­playPort.

The dual 0dB fans of the STRIX GeForce GTX 950 will only start spin­ning when the GPU’s tem­per­a­ture ex­ceeds 60°C.t

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