We don’t get a lot of Zotac cards in our labs for test­ing, and the last we re­ceived was fea­tured in our GeForce GTX 960 shootout (HWM April 2015), so it was a gen­uine sur­prise to have the AMP! Edi­tion of the Geforce GTX 950 with us for this shootout.

Graph­ics cards from Zotac tend to fol­low an ex­ceed­ingly sim­i­lar de­sign lan­guage across the board, sim­i­lar to how au­to­mo­bile man­u­fac­tur­ers, such as As­ton Martin and Porsche, have been do­ing for the last sev­eral years. It’s seems very lazy on Zotac’s part, but it also brings forth that old say­ing: “If it’s not bro­ken, don’t try to fix it”. The dual-fan IceS­torm air­cool­ing so­lu­tion has al­ready proven its met­tle against the ma­jor­ity of graph­ics cards on the mar­ket, long be­fore we even got our hands on this AMP! Edi­tion GTX 950 card. That ex­tra back­plate on the card isn’t just there for show, either. It’s there to add rigid­ity to the card, as well as to act as a pas­sive heatsink for the ca­pac­i­tors and tran­sis­tors on the cards them­selves (Zotac calls it Ex­oAr­mor).

Un­like pre­vi­ous gen­er­a­tion GeForce GTX 750 graph­ics cards, the GeForce GTX 950 can be SLI’d, mak­ing this card a vi­able choice for gamers who want a small form fac­tor, dual graph­ics card rig




NOVEM­BER 2015 that isn’t too pun­ish­ing on the wal­let.

Like we said, that Ex­oAr­mor and those 90mm dual IceS­torm fans aren’t just there for show: they’re meant to help the card per­form. When we tested the card, it was idling at an av­er­age tem­per­a­ture of 48.5°C, while the min­i­mum tem­per­a­ture of the card dur­ing idle was only 29°C. On a full load (e.g. run­ning games), it hits a max­i­mum tem­per­a­ture of only 68°C. We ac­tu­ally ex­pected that tem­per­a­ture to be higher, but in hind­sight, the am­bi­ent tem­per­a­ture of our test­ing area is ac­tu­ally kept at a chilly 16°C.

The AMP! Edi­tion GTX 950 only needs to run on a 6-pin PCIe power con­nec­tor, which is ac­tu­ally more good news, be­cause that also trans­lates to low power con­sump­tion from your sys­tem.

In terms of power, this AMP! Edi­tion GTX 950 is fit­ted with 2GB of GDDR5 mem­ory, with a GPU clock speed of 1,203MHz, and a mem­ory clock speed of 1,755MHz. Through­out our tests, we over­clocked the both the GPU and mem­ory clock speed to 1,278MHz and 1,819MHz, re­spec­tively.

Last but not least, the card has a to­tal of four ports, con­sist­ing of one HDMI 1.4 port, a Dis­playPort, and two DVI ports.

The GeForce GTX 950 AMP! Edi­tion is built like a tank, cour­tesy of its me­tal wrap­around back­plate that en­com­passes the sides of the card.

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