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Typ­i­cally, when­ever we hear the name WD in our of­fice, we tend to as­so­ciate the brand's hard drives with the word 'leg­endary,' and with good rea­son. WD's stor­age so­lu­tions are renowned for their leg­endary re­li­a­bil­ity and per­for­mance across mul­ti­ple con­sumer and busi­ness chan­nels. For this is­sue, we tested out the lat­est 6TB edi­tion of the WD Black edi­tion and see just how well it per­forms un­der pres­sure.

As with all stor­age de­vices (be it a hard drive or an SSD), WD is one of those man­u­fac­tur­ers that tend to be less gaudy or gar­ish with de­signs for their stor­age de­vices. Like all tra­di­tional hard drives, the only thing that dec­o­rates the hard drive is the ubiq­ui­tous sticker with the de­tails and build of the de­vice.

On pa­per, the WD Black rep­re­sents the per­for­mance side of the com­pany's hard drive spec­trum of clas­si­fi­ca­tion. With a ro­ta­tional speed of 7,200rpm, the WD Black caters to the power user who is still look­ing for that ex­tra boost in per­for­mance from tra­di­tional hard drives. Ad­di­tion­ally, the new WD Black comes with a 128MB cache buf­fer, which is what al­lows the WD Black to gain that ex­tra per­for­mance in cer­tain ac­tions, such as reada­head and read-be­hind, and speed match­ing ex­e­cu­tions.

In terms of per­for­mance, we ran Crys­talDiskMark on the WD Black to get a bet­ter idea of its se­quen­tial read and write speeds. Across the board, the WD Black was able to main­tain se­quen­tial read and write speeds of 224MB/s and 225MB/s, re­spec­tively. Yes, it's not the fastest stor­age de­vice on our list, but here's the thing: Hard drives like the WD Black are meant to strike a bal­ance be­tween the three pil­lars of stor­age: per­for­mance, speed, and re­li­a­bil­ity. If speed and per­for­mance is what you want, then the ob­vi­ous an­swer from us to you would be to get your­self an SSD.

Due to its tra­di­tional use of me­chan­i­cal parts, the WD Black ac­tu­ally heats up, and quite fast if we may add. When we tested load­ing our games di­rectly from the stor­age de­vice it­self, we could ac­tu­ally hear it whirring and click­ing away, as well as feel a slight heat em­a­nat­ing from it.

With that said, the WD Black took close to no time in load­ing up our pro­grams, un­like its WD Red brethren, which ac­tu­ally took about five sec­onds to kick into ac­tion be­fore be­ing able to ex­e­cute any of our pro­grams in stor­age.


Well, it's not SSD. What were you ex­pect­ing?


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