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HWM (Malaysia) - - TELEPORT-UNLOCKED - By John Law

Huawei's sub­sidiary mobile divi­sion, honor, has had a lot to shout about to the world of late. Since the launch of the honor 6, both the pro­gres­sion and ad­vance­ment of its de­vices have been on par with many of to­day's high-end flag­ships. To that end, its new flag­ship, the honor 7, is packed with all sorts of phys­i­cal fea­tures, and we get to see what's been added since the last flag­ship.

If you've ever played with the honor 6, you'll first no­tice that vis­ually, the honor 7's body isn't made out of glass. In­stead, it's taken a cue from Huawei's own P8 flag­ship and has a body com­pletely con­structed from ma­chine- cut alu­minum, and that alone makes the phone feel com­pletely solid. That be­ing said, its solid frame and body ac­tu­ally makes the honor 7 sig­nif­i­cantly heav­ier than the honor 6 (de­spite it be­ing only a measly 27g dif­fer­ence).

The in­crease in weight, as you would've guessed, comes from the ad­di­tional bells and whis­tles, some of which the phone has bor­rowed from some of Huawei's flag­ship de­vices. They in­clude a new Smart Key that's at­tached to the left side of the phone, a fin­ger­print sen­sor fit­ted at the back of the phone, and both a new 20MP rear cam­era sen­sor, and an 8MP sen­sor for the front-fac­ing cam­era.

The Smart Key is ac­tu­ally a clever lit­tle fea­ture pro­vided by Huawei. De­pend­ing on the func­tions you as­sign to it, you can tap the but­ton once, tap it twice, or press-and-hold to make it per­form the de­sired func­tions. In our case, we set it to turn on the flash­light on one tap, the cam­era on two taps, and left its de­fault pres­sand-hold func­tion to sim­ply ac­ti­vat­ing Google Now.

On the sub­ject of its rear cam­era: you'd think that hav­ing a 20MP sen­sor (cou­pled with the phone's own im­age cap­tur­ing tech­nol­ogy) would al­low the phone to take sharper and bet­ter pic­tures, but that wasn't the case. Don't get us wrong, the pic­tures cap­tured weren't un­us­able, but the images tend to ex­hibit some sort of faint dis­col­oration.

With the fin­ger­print scan­ner on the back of the Honor 7, we don't have to elab­o­rate that it's ob­vi­ous that pri­vacy on the phone has been given an ad­di­tional layer of se­cu­rity. It's a nice touch, con­sid­er­ing that al­most all cur­rent and fu­ture flag­ship smart­phones are al­ready mak­ing this a norm.

On our syn­thetic bench­mark tests, the honor 7 scored a 326 and 9,537 on 3DMark's Sling Shot and Ice Storm Un­lim­ited bench­marks, 51,806 on AnTuTu (64-bit test), 14,186 on Quad­rant, and 4,557 on the PCMark bench­mark. On Epic Citadel, the phone main­tained an av­er­age fram­er­ate of 32 fps through­out on Ul­tra High Qual­ity, and games like Fall­out Shel­ter and Mon­u­ment Val­ley ran lag-free on it.

The Smart Key al­lows you to map up to three func­tions to this but­ton.

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