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LIV­ING THE DREAM If you have life-sized posters of bas­ket­ball leg­ends plas­tered across the four walls of your room – and also hap­pen to be an avid video gamer – chances are you’re go­ing to go head over heels over what 2K Sports has in store in its sev­enth ti­tle, Be­fore we be­gin, we should prob­a­bly in­form you that an ex­ter­nal con­troller (an Xbox 360 con­troller works per­fectly fine) is re­quired for you to play on your PC, as the game lit­er­ally has no op­tion for you to se­lect your key­board as the pri­mary in­put de­vice.

There are two prin­ci­pal game­play modes in the MyCa­reer mode, which al­lows you to cre­ate your own char­ac­ter from scratch and in­te­grate him into the game’s sin­gle-player cam­paign; and the Play Now mode (read: free play mode), where you’ll be given free rein to play as one of the game’s many cel­e­brated NBA bas­ket­ball teams, such as the Los An­ge­les Lak­ers, and the Cleve­land Cava­liers. The former of the two modes fea­tures a sto­ry­line di­rected by Amer­i­can film pro­ducer, Spike Lee, called ‘Livin’ Da Dream’, which tells the story of your char­ac­ter’s hum­ble be­gin­nings and the ups-and­downs he has to go through in or­der to make his way into the big league – which is quite a fair bit cliché, we be­lieve. UN­FOR­GIV­ING LEARN­ING CURVE As you’d ex­pect from a flag­ship bas­ket­ball fran­chise, the graph­ics and the AI of NBA 2K16 is top notch. Play­ers share the same dis­tin­guish­ing fea­tures as their real-life coun­ter­parts, from their physique and wing­span, right down to the nitty-gritty de­tails like their fa­cial struc­ture and fa­cial fea­tures. They most cer­tainly play like them as well, which is why if this is your first foray into the se­ries, don’t be sur­prised to find your­self be­ing whipped all over the court by your AI op­po­nents – even if you de­cided to face off against com­par­a­tively am­a­teur col­lege bas­ket­ball teams.

Sure, you could try to learn a thing or two about the game’s elab­o­rate con­trols by watch­ing the short tu­to­rial videos that are buried deep within the game’s menu sys­tem – which are nar­rated by bas­ket­ball icons Stephen Curry, An­thony Davis, and James Har­den no less – but they are ex­tremely ba­sic at best, which means you’ll prob­a­bly be spend­ing most of your time out on the court fran­ti­cally mash­ing ran­dom but­tons on your con­troller.



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