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Where 3D Touch re­ally comes into its own is when it’s used within an app. Here, Ap­ple has given you two main fea­tures to play with: ‘Peek’ and ‘Pop’. The ba­sic idea is this: you can hard­press on an SMS mes­sage, an email in your inbox, an im­age you found in Sa­fari, a web­site url your friend sent you or pretty much any­thing the iPhone rec­og­nizes as a link of some kind, and a pre­view win­dow (a “peek”) of the thing you pressed will ap­pear on the dis­play. From there, you can read the en­tire mes­sage, then sim­ply lift your fin­ger off to quickly dis­miss it. This makes it su­per easy and fast to scan through mes­sages or emails with­out hav­ing to open each one in­di­vid­u­ally. If you don’t want to close the win­dow, you can press a bit harder to ‘Pop’ it, which launches the pre­view win­dow into the rel­e­vant app for that con­tent.

There are other op­tions in the ‘Peek’ view too. Slide your fin­ger up and op­tions will ap­pear. For ex­am­ple in Sa­fari, you’ll be able to open the link, add it to your read­ing list for later, or copy the URL. If you’re view­ing an im­age, you can save that im­age or open it up in Sa­fari. In email, you can slide up for a bunch of op­tions, or slide left to mark it read, or right to ar­chive it.

Oh and when you’re typ­ing an email, mes­sage, note or any­thing else that uses a key­board? Hard­press the on-screen key­board and it will turn into a track­pad that you can use to quickly and ac­cu­rately place the cur­sor where you want it. Let go of the screen and it turns back into a key­board.

By the way, you can change the sen­si­tiv­ity for 3D Touch (or even turn it off com­pletely if you want). Go to the Set­tings menu > Gen­eral > Ac­ces­si­bil­ity, then scroll down un­til you find 3D Touch. Tap it, then make your se­lec­tion. By de­fault, 3D Touch sen­si­tiv­ity is set to Medium, with




DE­CEM­BER 2015 A num­ber of third-party apps have al­ready been up­dated to sup­port 3D Touch. Here are some of our fa­vorites: Hard-press­ing the In­sta­gram app on the home screen will bring up a short­cut menu with op­tions for post­ing a new photo, view­ing ac­tiv­ity, search and send­ing a photo mes­sage di­rectly. When you are brows­ing through pho­tos on an In­sta­gram ac­count, you can ‘Peek’ to get a pre­view of the photo. Want to see the full-sized photo? Sim­ply ‘Pop’. Hard-press the WeChat app on the home screen to start a new chat, record a short video and ac­cess your QR code. You also can get a Peek of in­di­vid­ual mes­sages in your inbox. Hard-press the app to ac­cess short­cuts to the most re­cent file added to Drop­box, view off­line files, up­load a photo, and search files in your ac­count. You also can Peek at in­di­vid­ual files in­side the Drop­box app. Ever­note sup­ports Quick Ac­tions on the home screen with short­cuts for cre­at­ing a new note, tak­ing photo, or set­ting a re­minder. Within the Ever­note app, you can take a Peek into web­site links or notes from your Ever­note home screen. Hard-press on the Twit­ter icon and you will get the op­tion to search through your Twit­ter feed, post a new Tweet, or send a di­rect mes­sage on Twit­ter. If open­ing and wait­ing for the Shazam app to load takes too long, hard-press on the app icon on the home screen and you get the op­tion to ‘Shazam Now’. You also can ac­ti­vate Vis­ual Shazam to ac­ti­vate the QR reader when you see the Shazam cam­era logo on posters, mag­a­zines or books.

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