LG Curved 4K OLED TV (65EC970T)

HWM (Malaysia) - - TEST - By John Law

Black. To sum it up, LG's Per­fect Black tech­nol­ogy en­sures that the dis­play on its curved 4K OLED TV al­ways main­tains a deep, dark black, be it as the back­ground of the TV or in movies where the dark ar­eas of the color black can be seen. But why so much em­pha­sis on black lev­els, you ask? It's be­cause LG be­lieves that when you put a col­or­ful sub­ject (or ob­ject) within an area that em­u­lates true black­ness (yes, that's a word), the col­ors of the afore­men­tioned ob­ject will in­her­ently be­come vi­brant, thus mak­ing it stand out brighter and bet­ter look­ing.

Even the cur­va­ture of the TV is some­thing of a plus point for us; un­like other curved TVs, the curves on this curved 4K OLED TV isn't as se­vere, giv­ing it bet­ter view­ing an­gles from the side.

On that note, we're happy to tell you that the im­age qual­ity of the 65EC970T does in­deed live up to its name. Video con­tent played in na­tive 4K is ex­ceed­ingly clear, and we saw ab­so­lutely no dis­col­oration or smudg­ing while view­ing the same 4K con­tent. When it came to play­ing non-na­tive 4K con­tent (e.g. Full HD videos), we were ac­tu­ally quite im­pressed with the way the TV was able to up­scale the non-Ul­tra HD video con­tent to 4K res­o­lu­tion with very lit­tle com­pro­mise in the im­age qual­ity.

Sadly, the 65EC970T is not an An­droid TV, which is a shame, con­sid­er­ing the amount of ef­fort that LG had put into mak­ing this TV. How­ever, LG's own we­bOS does show some sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ments in its in­ter­face and us­abil­ity, and its user in­ter­face is def­i­nitely a lot sim­pler than be­fore.

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