Acer K138ST Pro­jec­tor

HWM (Malaysia) - - TEST - By John Law

An­other fea­ture of the K138ST is its short throw pro­jec­tion fea­ture. Thanks to that, we could eas­ily keep the pro­jec­tor less than two feet from a wall, and it also means that we didn’t need an en­tire ta­ble si­t­u­ated in the middle of the liv­ing room to pro­ject our con­tent. Con­nec­tiv­ity-wise, the K138ST comes with an AV ca­ble (for legacy devices), but like so many other mod­ern pro­jec­tors on the mar­ket, it has an HDMI port for con­nect­ing your note­book, desk­top PC, or a mo­bile de­vice via MHL. You’d think it would end there, but no: this pro­jec­tor is also fit­ted with a built-in speaker ca­pa­ble of DTS sound.

On a side note, the K138ST is also able to pro­ject 3D con­tent, but you’ll need a com­pat­i­ble DLP 3D ac­tive shut­ter glasses to play back 3D stereo­scopic videos and im­ages.

Per­haps the most im­pres­sive fac­tor of the K138ST lies within the way it dis­perses heat. As we all know, pro­jec­tors are no­to­ri­ous for be­ing a de­vice that heats up, but through­out our test­ing, the pro­jec­tor rarely heated up to the point that we would usu­ally have to shut it down in or­der to pre­vent over­heat­ing.

Over­all im­age qual­ity of the K138ST was pretty clear and eas­ily distin­guish­able. How­ever, de­tails started to be­come fuzzy the mo­ment we pulled the pro­jec­tor back about three feet from the pro­jec­tion source.

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