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As ironic as it might sound, not all gamers are aware of how to assem­ble their own gam­ing rig. The good news is, there are plenty of man­u­fac­tur­ers out there that of­fer pre-as­sem­bled gam­ing rigs of their own. ASUS is one such man­u­fac­turer, and they have been do­ing it for years un­der the Re­pub­lic of Gamers (ROG) sub-brand. If that’s the case, the small form-fac­tor ROG G20AJ should very well end up be­ing a tiny tower of ter­ror. But is it re­ally as such?

The ROG G20AJ is de­signed very much like an alien ar­ti­fact from a Trans­form­ers movie, no thanks to the strik­ing an­gles of its chas­sis, its Mayan-in­spired de­tails, and of course, its obelisk-like struc­ture.

Un­for­tu­nately though, its beauty is only skin deep. When it comes to hard­ware, the ROG G20AJ sim­ply isn’t as wellen­dowed as some of the pre­built gam­ing desk­tops that are avail­able to­day. Yes, it’s packed with a 3.60GHz In­tel Core i74790 pro­ces­sor, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB solid-state hy­brid drive – which are all per­fectly fine – but we just can’t seem to un­der­stand why ASUS has de­cided to go with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 as the GPU of choice.

Don’t get us wrong, the GTX 760 is by no means an un­der­whelm­ing card. It’s just that when you’re go­ing to be pay­ing a whop­ping RM5,499 for the ROG G20AJ, you’d at least ex­pect it to come with a GPU that packs a lit­tle more grunt. Like a GTX 960, per­haps?

Any­way, in or­der for us to get a bet­ter idea of the ROG G20AJ’s per­for­mance, we put it through our usual suite of bench­marks, which in­clude 3DMark and Unig­ine Heaven. For the for­mer of the two bench­marks, the ROG G20AJ man­aged to at­tain a score of 5,583 for the Fire Strike test; 2,748 for the Fire Strike Ex­treme test; and 591 for the most graph­i­cally-de­mand­ing Fire Strike Ul­tra test. Next in line was the Unig­ine Heaven bench­mark, which the ROG G20AJ man­aged to com­plete in 1080p with an av­er­age frame rate of 29.2 fps.

As the ROG G20AJ is, af­ter all, a gam­ing desk­top through and through, it was only nat­u­ral that we de­cided to fur­ther gauge its worth by hav­ing it run a cou­ple of games at their high­est pos­si­ble graph­ics set­tings. The first game that was on our list was the re­cently-re­leased Fall­out 4, which the ROG G20AJ han­dled with an av­er­age frame rate of 46.4 fps. Af­ter which, we ran Tomb Raider, which trot­ted along at an av­er­age frame rate of 40.7 fps – which isn’t all that bad, con­sid­er­ing that the GeForce GTX 760 is all but a hum­ble midrange graph­ics card. Nev­er­the­less, the ROG G20AJ man­aged to power through Metal Gear Solid: The Phan­tom Pain, and Hit­man: Ab­so­lu­tion with an av­er­age frame rate of 51.8 and 61.3 fps, re­spec­tively.

In­ter­est­ingly, de­spite its compact na­ture, the ROG G20AJ man­aged to re­main cool, calm and com­posed through­out the time we spent bench­mark­ing and run­ning on games on it.

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