One Google Self-Driv­ing Car Was Pulled Over for Be­ing Slow

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Usu­ally, when one hears or talks about a car be­ing pulled over by the po­lice, one nor­mally as­sumes that the sus­pect in ques­tion was ei­ther speed­ing down the high­way well past the speed limit, driv­ing un­der the in­flu­ence (ei­ther from drugs or al­co­hol), or a wanted fugi­tive on the run from the law.

Last month, Google set the record for the year when one of its self-driv­ing cars in the U.S was pulled over by an of­fi­cer of the state. The crime? The car was driv­ing too slow. Now, we know what you're think­ing, and the an­swer is: Yes, there is a law in the U.S. that pro­hibits a driver from go­ing too slow, es­pe­cially if the car hap­pens to be on a high­way, or a very busy area.

The prob­lem is eas­ily solv­able by sim­ply pick­ing up speed, but that's where things got prob­lem­atic for the poor car. To main­tain a ‘friendly and ap­proach­able' ex­te­rior, all of Google's self-driv­ing cars are lim­ited to a max­i­mum speed of just 40km/h.

“Driv­ing too slowly, bet hu­mans don't get pulled over for that too of­ten,” quipped Google in a post on Google+. “Like this of­fi­cer, peo­ple some­times flag us down when they want to know more about our pro­ject. Af­ter 1.2 mil­lion miles of au­ton­o­mous driv­ing (that's the hu­man equiv­a­lent of 90 years of driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence), we're proud to say we've never been tick­eted!”

Google's self-driv­ing car got pulled over for driv­ing too slow.

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