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MAS­TER­ING MAGIC It’s pretty easy to mis­take

for your run-of-themill role-play­ing game, where you’re re­quired to spend count­less hours farm­ing for in-game cur­rency, and lev­el­ing up your char­ac­ter to learn more im­pres­sive skills. Yes,

shares the same top-down per­spec­tive of cer­tain ac­tion RPGs (e.g. and

but that’s pretty much where the sim­i­lar­i­ties end. There’s no char­ac­ter lev­el­ing sys­tem in nor will you be need to painstak­ingly ac­quire your mag­i­cal abil­i­ties – ev­ery­thing is handed to you at the very start of the game on a sil­ver plat­ter.

In fact, you don’t even have mana pool, which means you’re given free will to cast as many spells as you want, and as reck­lessly as you want – with­out need­ing to con­stantly worry about run­ning out of pre­cious mana. This is a god­send of a game­play me­chanic, re­ally, as the game lit­er­ally has dozens upon dozens of dif­fer­ent magic com­bi­na­tions that you can cast di­rectly unto your en­e­mies, your­self, or the area around you.

In essence, your magic abil­i­ties re­volve around seven




DE­CEM­BER 2015 base el­e­ments: Shield, Earth, Ar­cane, Life, Wa­ter, Fire, and Light­ning. From there, you can com­bine any five el­e­ments to­gether to cre­ate a va­ri­ety of dif­fer­ent spells. For ex­am­ple, if you were to com­bine the Fire and Earth el­e­ments to­gether, you can cat­a­pult a flam­ing boul­der at your en­emy. Com­bine Light­ing and Ar­cane, and you’ll un­leash an elec­tric­ity-laced beam of death. You should keep in mind that there are cer­tain el­e­ments that would can­cel each other out when mixed to­gether, such as Wa­ter and Light­ning, for ob­vi­ous rea­sons. A SLAP IN THE FACE But don’t for one se­cond think that the ab­sence of mana costs and the abun­dance of spells at your dis­posal would ren­der you over­pow­ered though, be­cause each of the mon­sters you’ll face through­out the game are bound to be im­mune to one magic el­e­ment or the other, which ba­si­cally means you can’t just hap­pily blitzkrieg your way through the en­tirety of the game us­ing just one mag­i­cal el­e­ment.

As a mat­ter of fact, we’re pretty cer­tain that you won’t be able to com­plete

all by your­self. This is un­less, of course, you’re un­de­terred by dy­ing re­peat­edly to the same horde of mon­sters un­til you chance upon a loop­hole to de­feat them – but only to be tram­pled by the next await­ing pack of mon­sters.

To give you an idea of just how un­re­lent­ing can be when you’re tack­ling it solo, we’ve only just reached Chap­ter 3 of the game and we’re al­ready find­ing our­selves be­ing mer­ci­lessly walked over by hordes of gob­lins and orcs – to a point where we felt like giv­ing up on the game en­tirely. In case you were won­der­ing, the game has nine chap­ters in to­tal, so you can imag­ine just how un­for­giv­ing the game will be as you progress through its later stages.

As such, your best (and only) course of ac­tion would be to tackle the game’s rel­a­tively short cam­paign to­gether with a friend or two, be it through lo­cal co-op or on­line co-op. If you and your friend(s) can man­age to not die a hun­dred and one times with each en­emy mob en­counter, you’ll very likely be able to fin­ish the en­tire game within a day.



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