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The GV-R938XG1 Gam­ing-4GD, or more com­monly re­ferred to as the Gi­ga­byte R9 380X G1 GAM­ING, is built to de­vour all the block­buster games of 2016 – and in 1080p, no less. Fac­tory over­clocked out of the box, the GV-R938XG1 Gam­ing-4GD has 2,048 stream pro­ces­sors, a core clock speed of 980MHz, and also 4GB worth of GDDR5 mem­ory run­ning at 5,700Mhz. Nat­u­rally, it comes equipped with Gi­ga­byte’s tried-and-proven WINDFORCE 2X cool­ing sys­tem as well, which com­prises dual 90mm fans that are spe­cially de­signed to im­prove air­flow by 23 per­cent. Na­tion-Tech Sdn Bhd (03) 4280 6636 SDS Dis­tri­bu­tion Sdn Bhd (03) 7788 8700

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