Star Wars Bat­tle­front

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While vi­su­als and sounds are top notch, Star Wars Bat­tle­front of­fers lit­tle else, and will only ap­peal to die-hard Star Wars fans who en­joy shoot­ing or get­ting shot by other diehard Star Wars fans, re­peat­edly.

It’s Star Wars sea­son af­ter a very long hia­tus, and Star

Wars Bat­tle­front is here to kick things off to­gether with Episode VII. The hype for the movie has been enor­mous, and equally great was the hype for the game. Does the game live up to it though? Un­for­tu­nately, no. THE IM­MER­SION IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE Let’s first be­gin with the good parts of the game. And where the game is good, it’s ac­tu­ally great. And we’ll start with the re­ally ob­vi­ous – graph­ics. The beauty of Bat­tle­front will bring tears to your eyes. The level of de­tails – from the en­vi­ron­ments, down to the weapons and ve­hi­cles – would make you be­lieve that you are ac­tu­ally in a galaxy far, far away. The char­ac­ters are also recre­ated faith­fully, no doubt thanks to the ca­pa­bil­i­ties of the Frost­bite en­gine.

The sounds are great too. The voice act­ing for the he­roes and vil­lains can be a lit­tle wonky at times, but when you play the mul­ti­player com­po­nents, you’ll hear the grunt chat­ter that not only sounds very con­vinc­ing, they ac­tu­ally make sense. For in­stance, when you see an ally be­hind cover with a few en­e­mies shoot­ing at him, you’ll ac­tu­ally hear his char­ac­ter shout­ing to your en­tire team that he’s be­ing pinned down. This makes ac­tual hu­man com­mu­ni­ca­tion via mi­cro­phones im­mer­sion-break­ing.

And speak­ing of the mul­ti­player com­po­nents, this is pretty much what Bat­tle­front is about. There are large-scale clashes where 40 play­ers come to­gether and bat­tle against each other in a shoot­ing tu­gof-war, cap­ture-the-flag, and other modes. There is also a He­roes vs. Vil­lains mode, where you’ll get to pit Luke Sky­walker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia against Darth Vader, Em­peror Pal­pa­tine, and Boba Fett – or vice versa – in a test of skill, with a few oth­ers play­ing the grunts, and you tak­ing turns con­trol­ling the ‘star’ char­ac­ters. SIN­GLE PLAYER IS NOT THE MODE YOU’RE LOOK­ING FOR Un­for­tu­nately, if you want to take a break from the on­line com­po­nents, you can’t. The sin­gle player bits serve only to be a tu­to­rial of sorts to fa­mil­iar­ize you with the con­trols and game modes on of­fer. Once that’s out of the way, go­ing back to it will prove to be a chore.

There are other things you can do, such as the sur­vival mode, and find­ing col­lectibles, which will prove to also be an­other tire­some af­fair. The only break you’ll be get­ting from on­line mul­ti­player is an­other mode within on­line mul­ti­player. Once you get tired of it all, how­ever, it’s a sign that you’ve got­ten tired if the game as a whole.


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