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NEW AND IM­PROVED FOR­MULA Tasked to pick up where the orig­i­nal Fat Princess left off in 2009 is Fat Princess

Ad­ven­tures. But in­stead of be­ing an of­ten-time chaotic, largescale mul­ti­player game like its pre­de­ces­sor was, Fat Princess

Ad­ven­tures has de­cided to tone down the may­hem by be­ing a con­ven­tional RPG, al­beit one that nev­er­the­less still al­lows you to play in co-op with three of your other friends.

As with most ac­tion RPGs, you’ll first need to cre­ate your own char­ac­ter be­fore you em­bark on your jour­ney to save the tit­u­lar Fat Princess from the game’s main an­tag­o­nist, the Bit­ter Queen. You’ll be given the usual slew of char­ac­ter cus­tomiza­tion op­tions, which in­clude gen­der, skin tone, hair style, eye color, and per­son­al­ity. There are five dis­tinct per­son­al­ity types to choose from: Hero, Emo, Zen Mas­ter, Clown, and Evil Ge­nius, each with their own unique set of phrases that your char­ac­ter will quip spo­rad­i­cally through­out the game. What you don’t have to con­tem­plate about, though, is the hero class of your char­ac­ter. While there are four in to­tal – War­rior, Mage, En­gi­neer, and Archer, you’ll be able to freely switch be­tween them at any check­points that are scat­tered across the map. TAK­ING CANDY FROM A BABY Un­for­tu­nately, the core game­play me­chan­ics of Fat

Princess Ad­ven­tures is a lit­tle too rep­e­ti­tious and unin­spir­ing for our lik­ing. We could eas­ily com­plete lev­els by mind­lessly mash­ing the at­tack but­ton, whilst con­stantly cir­cling en­e­mies like vul­tures would to an an­i­mal car­cass. You don’t ac­tu­ally need to worry about whether you’re ca­pa­ble of tak­ing down en­emy mobs – just thumb the ana­log stick to­wards their di­rec­tion, start spam­ming the at­tack but­ton, and pray for the best.

There’s no need for you to worry about dy­ing, be­cause you won’t be pe­nal­ized in any way for it. While you’ll au­to­mat­i­cally respawn at the last check­point, your game­play progress will ac­tu­ally con­tinue from the point where you died, and not from your ‘last saved check­point’ as with most ac­tion RPGs th­ese days.

Of course, this doesn’t ap­ply to boss fights. You’ll have to start from scratch once you die, but don’t worry, the boss fights in Fat Princess Ad­ven­tures are ex­tremely for­mu­laic. Take the first boss as an ex­am­ple. You’ll only be able to in­jure him once you’ve filled up and ac­ti­vated your ‘Awe­some Sauce’ bar, which is done by hack­ing and slash­ing away at the mon­sters that would con­ve­niently ap­pear at – and for – your dis­posal.

Lack­lus­ter game­play me­chan­ics not­with­stand­ing, credit should be given to the de­vel­oper of Fat Princess

Ad­ven­tures for be­ing able to con­jure a cute and cud­dly game world that’s invit­ingly sprightly and vi­brant. It’s one that’s gen­uinely a sight for sore eyes, con­sid­er­ing that most mod­ern day games have a strange pen­chant for be­ing de­press­ingly dark and gloomy.


Fat Princess Ad­ven­tures is a bright and colorful ac­tion RPG that’s re­gret­tably a lit­tle too rudi­men­tary to ap­peal to se­ri­ous fans of the genre.

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