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Most of the time, I’ll lug my 2014 MacBook Pro with me on shoots. It’s equipped with an SSD and 16GB of RAM, which al­lows me to process im­ages quickly. I al­ways shoot in TIFF, so the pro­cess­ing power helps a lot in my work process.

Since the Nikon D4s uses a CF card, I need a CF card reader that runs on USB 3.0. For this, I have two Lexar Pro­fes­sional CF card read­ers, just in case one fails. With th­ese, I can trans­fer my pic­tures (which are usu­ally about 50MB each, on av­er­age!) quickly. Speak­ing of quick trans­fers, I also bring a Lexar Work­flow 512GB SSD for when my MacBook has in­suf­fi­cient stor­age space, or when a client re­quests for pho­tos from me dur­ing the shoot it­self.

For times when I shoot idols for CD cov­ers and such, am­bi­ent light­ing may not be the best op­tion. Though I pre­fer nat­u­ral light­ing, I’ll some­times use the Nikon Speed­light SB-910 to add fill light. The RoundFlash Ring light, on the other hand, is an ab­so­lute must-have for me, es­pe­cially when I shoot close-ups and need to high­light the eyes of my sub­ject.

Other essentials in­clude my Au­dio Tech­nica ATH-M50x and Sony 20,000mAh Clean En­ergy power bank. I of­ten lis­ten to mu­sic to help me calm down and con­cen­trate be­fore a shoot, and the ATH-M50x does a great job in that re­gard. As for the power bank, I fre­quently use my iPhone for some be­hind-thescenes pho­tos and videos, and this power bank gives my iPhone enough juice for an en­tire day, and then some.

I shoot A LOT of pho­tos, such as this be­hind-the-scenes mo­ment, which is why I need a 20,000mAh power bank.

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