Eat right, not don’t eat

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A ma­jor cause of poor health con­di­tions is our un­healthy life­styles, in which the diet plays a cru­cial role. Need­less to say, what we eat and how much we eat di­rectly af­fect our body weight.

My ad­vice on los­ing weight is sim­ple: Watch what you eat. Stay­ing in the ideal weight range is a life-long ef­fort; can you starve your­self for­ever? Not to men­tion the side ef­fects of starv­ing, like dizzi­ness and lack of en­ergy. When the mea­sures are too dras­tic, we tend to give up more eas­ily. If you’re un­sure whether you’re get­ting the right amounts of carbs, fats, and pro­teins daily, you can try calo­rie count­ing and diet track­ing apps like Lose It!, MyFit­nessPal, and Life­sum for a start.

Cut­ting back on sug­ared drinks work won­ders for me, and is one that I think will work for most peo­ple try­ing to lose weight. I se­ri­ously can’t re­mem­ber when was the last time I bought Coke from a vend­ing ma­chine.

Don’t for­get to drink plenty of wa­ter too. This is the WaterMin­der app for iOS.

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