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The com­ple­men­tary tac­tic for cut­ting off in­ter­rup­tions is to work in batches. Re­search has shown that sep­a­rat­ing the day into blocks of time de­voted to spe­cific tasks can help peo­ple be­come more pro­duc­tive.

On the desk­top, you can use timers to set aside a block of time to work on some­thing. Try set­ting it any­where from 25 to 60 min­utes. Dif­fer­ent peo­ple have dif­fer­ent lengths of peak fo­cus time, af­ter which forc­ing your­self to con­tinue ac­tu­ally re­sults in shod­dier work.

When the timer rings, give your­self a 10- to 20-minute break, then start the timer again for the next block of work.

This can work not only in your of­fice, but it can pay off in your per­sonal life as well. Imag­ine when you’ve con­sciously de­cided that in the next one-hour block of time, you’re not go­ing to do any­thing but play with your kids. No in­ter­rup­tions al­lowed, in­clud­ing check­ing your phone. You’ll prob­a­bly play hap­pier.

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