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Nikon brands the COOLPIX S9900 as “the ul­ti­mate in pocket-size ver­sa­til­ity”, and they might not ac­tu­ally be far off in this case. The cam­era fea­tures a swivel­ing LCD, built-in Wi-Fi with NFC sup­port for starters, and even in­cor­po­rates built-in on­board GPS with POI tech­nol­ogy so you can au­to­mat­i­cally log the lon­gi­tude and lat­i­tude of ev­ery shot you take.

There’s also a 5-axis Hy­brid VR sys­tem that uses a com­bi­na­tion lens shift and elec­tronic VR for more sta­ble im­ages es­pe­cially on the long range of the zoom. That’s cer­tainly im­por­tant as the cam­era body is ex­tremely small given it goes all the way out to a 750mm equiv­a­lent zoom while not of­fer­ing you that much to hold on to.

That said, we do like that the cam­era re­mains rel­a­tively slim and light, and the flip-out rear LCD dis­play is cer­tainly the most ver­sa­tile of all the other cam­eras, al­low­ing you to shoot from vir­tu­ally any an­gle. Nikon says it uses a RGBW align­ment for the LCD screen with an added anti-re­flec­tion coat­ing to en­sure clear vis­i­bil­ity of the im­ages, and in our test­ing it cer­tainly seemed to work. The LCD was al­ways clearly vis­i­ble with­out need­ing much bright­ness or con­trast ad­just­ments.

We must say we have a bit of a love/hate re­la­tion­ship with the COOLPIX S9900’s menu sys­tem. While on the one hand, it’s smart enough to re­mem­ber where you are in the menu so you don’t have to start from the top each time you need to ad­just the same set­ting, some­how it al­ways re­sets the drive mode to sin­gle shot af­ter you put it on timer mode. That means you’ll be div­ing through the same menus over and over again if you’re tak­ing a se­ries of shots that re­quire the use of a timer, it gets frus­trat­ing to say the least.

The di­als are nicely knurled for bet­ter feel.

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