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The EX-ZR3500 had one of the faster aut­o­fo­cus sys­tems of the group, con­stantly pick­ing out fo­cus points, quickly and more im­por­tantly, ac­cu­rately. We do think that it also has the best color bal­ance of the group, and the best sense of ex­po­sure when left in pro­gram mode. Hardly any cor­rec­tion is needed with the shots, and there is gen­er­ally good de­tail in the im­ages. The 5-axis im­age sta­bi­liza­tion also of­fers choice of two set­tings – ‘nor­mal’ and ‘strong’. We had it set to ‘strong’ when we were test­ing the ex­tents of the lens, and found that the im­age sta­bi­liza­tion gen­er­ally worked well, with min­i­mal blur­ring. We were also pleas­antly sur­prised to find that im­ages cap­tured had ev­ery bit as much de­tail as some of the other cam­eras with higher res­o­lu­tion num­bers in the group.

The EX-ZR3500 turns in im­ages with good de­tail and nice con­trast.

The writ­ing on the la­bel can still just about be made out at ISO 1600.

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