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With An­droid 5.1 OS as its base, Black­Berry creates a clever se­cu­rity work­around for its PRIV. DTEK (pro­nounced “de­tect”) is a mon­i­tor­ing app that gives you the track­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties with­out med­dling with the de­fault per­mis­sion set­tings on your An­droid smart­phone. The app sim­ply no­ti­fies the user when­ever other spe­cific apps or games ac­cess a par­tic­u­lar item, or fea­ture. It goes fur­ther by keep­ing a sim­ple log of each app, fol­lowed by a list that in­di­cates the du­ra­tion and num­ber of times a par­tic­u­lar app used your cam­era, con­tacts, lo­ca­tion, mi­cro­phone, text mes­sage, or video func­tions.

On the user's end, all they need is a lit­tle vig­i­lance and some com­mon sense – if you see DTEK say­ing that flash­light app ac­cess­ing your pho­tos or text mes­sages with­out your ex­plicit per­mis­sion, you'd know some­thing is off, and you'd be able to hit your set­tings to al­ter or re­move the in­tru­sive app.

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