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iOS, An­droid Sub­scrip­tion-based plans Netflix is of­fi­cially avail­able al­most world­wide, so if you aren't al­ready rock­ing a Netflix sub­scrip­tion by now, it should be the very next thing you do. But why get the app when stream­ing would cer­tainly bust your mo­bile data cap? That's be­cause the app is much more than watch­ing – not only does it share a sim­i­lar in­ter­face with the desk­top, you could also use the time spent wait­ing for pub­lic trans­port or tardy peo­ple to book­mark more stuff for the late-night Netflix-binge. If you're in a place with free Wi-Fi, yippee! The app also al­lows you to cast your show onto a tele­vi­sion (if you have the cor­rect ac­ces­sories, like Chrome­cast). This could be con­sid­ered a gift to Korean dra­mase­rial chasers. Viu is an app that streams Korean shows of di­verse gen­res, fully subti­tled in English or Man­darin, within eight hours of the episode air­ing in its home coun­try. What's even more mind-blow­ing is the abil­ity to watch, free-ofcharge, with­out the need for an ac­count (though hav­ing one would cer­tainly help you keep track of what you've cov­ered and liked). The only catch is the sin­gle ad­ver­tise­ment be­fore each episode, but the qual­ity and in­tu­itive app ex­pe­ri­ence is a very good for some Hal­lyu fa­nati­cism de­liv­ered to your fin­ger­tips. Just be­fore Netflix's in­ter­na­tional ex­pan­sion, there's iflix, which also stores a won­der­ful cat­a­log of shows, in­clud­ing the ones Netflix didn't have dur­ing its Asia-Pa­cific launch. For just RM8 per month, you get ac­cess to more than 10,000 hours worth of con­tent, plus the abil­ity to down­load episodes with a Wi-Fi con­nec­tion for off­line view­ing when you're on pub­lic trans­port. They re­lease episodes that are also air­ing on the same day. iflix is cur­rently avail­able to se­lect SEA coun­tries - Malaysia, Philip­pines and Thai­land, but they are work­ing to in­clude more coun­tries in the re­gion. Yes, stream­ing of Western and Korean con­tent is nice, but what about anime lovers? There's Crunchy­roll. A site that orig­i­nally started by stream­ing un­li­censed anime episodes has since cleaned up their act, pro­vid­ing top-tier con­tent in high qual­ity over browser and smart­phone apps. Mem­ber­ship is just US$6.95 per month, grant­ing you full ac­cess to their 20,000 ti­tles of 1080p HD episodes in anime and Ja­panese drama se­ri­als, and man­gas. The mem­ber­ship en­sures zero ad­ver­tise­ments, as well as Simul­cast and Simulpub - al­low­ing sub­scribers to watch and read Ja­panese con­tent within the first hour of orig­i­nal broad­cast.





Book­mark, browse, and ex­plore the ever-ex­pand­ing cat­a­log, even if mo­bile data stream­ing isn’t for you.

Get a glance of your fa­vorite anime se­ries with Crunchy­roll’s clean and sim­ple app client.

The op­tion to down­load shows for off­line view­ing is a tan­ta­liz­ing fea­ture, no doubt.

Free subti­tled Korean dra­mas up­dated within eight hours of broad­cast? What sor­cery is this?

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