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Fly­ing a drone for aerial pho­tog­ra­phy and videog­ra­phy takes a lot of skill, even with the most con­sumer-friendly quad copters. De­spite seem­ingly sim­ple con­trols, lin­ing up that ideal shot and mak­ing it look pro­fes­sional takes a lot of know-how and ex­pe­ri­ence. 3DR is chang­ing all that with the Solo Smart Drone. CIN­E­MATIC IN­TEL­LI­GENCE Tra­di­tion­ally, cap­tur­ing multi-axis sweep­ing shots takes two: a pi­lot and a cam­era con­troller. On­board the 3DR Solo are dual 1GHz Linux com­pan­ion com­put­ers that pro­vide the smarts needed to al­low begin­ners and pros alike to take those com­plex breath­tak­ing shots at the push of a but­ton. The 3DR Solo is also de­signed to be open source, so ex­pect more up­grades and pe­riph­er­als from third par­ties in the fu­ture.




MARCH 2016 SMART SHOTS Go­ing be­yond mak­ing drones easy to fly, the 3DR Solo makes cap­tur­ing beau­ti­ful shots, the kind that could only be achieved with a two-man aerial film crew, sim­ple with its pow­er­ful and one-of-a-kind com­puter-as­sisted Smart Shots. Ca­ble Cam creates a vir­tual ca­ble for the per­fect smooth shot; Or­bit makes the drone cir­cle an ob­ject while the user can still ad­just its rel­a­tive po­si­tion; Fol­low makes the drone fol­low the smart de­vice it is teth­ered to, ef­fec­tively mak­ing it op­er­ate hands-free; and Selfie puts you in the cen­ter of an aerial re­veal shot. CLEVER RE­MOTE The re­mote for the 3DR Solo con­troller has its own 1GHz com­puter, the first of its kind in the world. It also has built-in stor­age to keep your ad­just­ments and save cam­era po­si­tions, as well as the in­tel­li­gence to change sweep speed, record video, and snap pho­tos with the push of a but­ton. It also has a built-in LCD dis­play to show the drone’s vi­tal read­ings, ef­fec­tively free­ing the smart de­vice’s dis­play of clut­ter. AS­TUTE DE­SIGN The 3DR Solo is a con­sumer quad copter with a stealthy de­sign. It is por­ta­ble, weigh­ing a lit­tle un­der 1.5kg. It is also built and tuned to be use with the GoPro ac­tion cam­era. For the ex­pe­ri­enced drone pi­lot, this means that there is no longer a need to do that cal­i­bra­tion dance.

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