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by Imag­ine power be­ing de­liv­ered through the air, with­out the need for any cables or charg­ing pads. That’s what Ossia’s Cota wire­less charg­ing tech­nol­ogy can do, and it’s avail­able this year.

The Cota has been in de­vel­op­ment for 10 years and in its cur­rent form re­sem­bles a cylin­dri­cal tower, about the same size and shape as the Mac Pro. In­side the Cota are hun­dreds of om­ni­di­rec­tional an­ten­nas that can beam ra­dio fre­quency waves over 2.8GHz at 100Hz, well be­yond the in­ter­fer­ence range of Blue­tooth and Wi-Fi.

The waves carry a power charge, ca­pa­ble of de­liv­er­ing 1W of power wire­lessly up to a range of 10 me­ters, but they aren’t on all the time. To en­sure safe charg­ing, the Cota only sends out a power charge when it re­ceives a sig­nal con­nec­tion from a de­vice. If that sig­nal isn’t de­tected – if it’s blocked by a per­son stand­ing in the way, for ex­am­ple – the power won’t be de­liv­ered. The Cota isn’t lim­ited to smart devices ei­ther, it can charge vir­tu­ally any­thing that can be fit­ted with a re­ceiver chip, in­clud­ing dig­i­tal cam­eras, re­mote con­trols, elec­tric tooth­brushes, smoke de­tec­tors, and IoT devices like ther­mostats and elec­tronic locks.

The Cota it­self is sched­uled to en­ter pro­duc­tion around Q3 this year, while the re­ceiver chips are al­ready be­ing pro­duced. Ac­cord­ing to Ossia, the first­gen­er­a­tion of Cota prod­ucts will mainly be ac­ces­sories, such as smart­phone cases, with the re­ceiver chips in­side them. If all goes well, next-gen­er­a­tion devices will al­ready have Cota chips built into them.

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