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The Sam­sung Galaxy Note5 has the user­friendli­est UI for both ba­sic and ad­vanced shoot­ing. In ‘Auto’ mode, I like how the Sam­sung Galaxy Note5 lets you eas­ily change ex­po­sure lev­els, with an ex­po­sure slider that ap­pears to the side of the screen when you tap to fo­cus.

While both the LG V10 and the Note5’s cam­era apps come with ad­vanced con­trols, the Note5 does it bet­ter in one crit­i­cal way. In ‘Man­ual’ mode, you can en­able Auto ISO, which lets you fully fo­cus on ad­just­ing shut­ter speed. If not for this one crit­i­cal miss­ing op­tion, the LG V10 ac­tu­ally has a bet­ter UI for shoot­ing stills and videos man­u­ally. What the Note5 lacks is a way to quickly re­set all man­ual set­tings, and a fast way to save in RAW (you have to go into the cam­era app’s set­tings to en­able it).

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