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The LG V10’s col­ors are con­sis­tently sub­dued. There’s a lack of sat­u­ra­tion, which make pho­tos look flat. The odd thing is its ze­roed DNG (RAW) files ap­pear more vi­brant than its JPEGs. If you in­crease sat­u­ra­tion in post, the V10 ac­tu­ally shoots good im­ages in good light, with fine de­tail. The lens is sharp from cor­ner to cor­ner, with only slight bar­rel dis­tor­tion.

Im­age de­tails tend to smear in low light, and there tends to be chroma noise in the shad­ows, es­pe­cially in the RAW DNG files. The LG V10 does ex­cel­lent HDR im­ages, with lots of de­tail cap­tured across the frame. How­ever, ghost­ing can ap­pear when shoot­ing mov­ing sub­jects. The panorama’s seams can be oddly joined to­gether, with some soft­ness or dif­fer­ent ex­po­sure lev­els be­tween cap­tured im­ages.

The V10’s 4K videos look fine in good light, but videos in low light are noisy. The aut­o­fo­cus tends to hunt, which means you’ll see a jerk­ing in and out ef­fect as the cam­era tries to lock fo­cus. Op­ti­cal im­age sta­bi­liza­tion isn’t avail­able for 4K video, but on Full HD res­o­lu­tion it’s not as smooth as on the iPhone 6s Plus. Rolling shut­ter is ob­vi­ous when mov­ing the cam­era.

The LG V10’s col­ors are con­sis­tently sub­dued, with a lack of sat­u­ra­tion.

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