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The Sony Xpe­ria Z5 Pre­mium Dual does well with ac­cu­rate and pleas­ing color re­pro­duc­tion. It also has the best Auto White Bal­ance among the five smart­phones, while the oth­ers tend to grade their im­ages a bit warmly, the Z5 Pre­mium Dual usu­ally gets the light look­ing the way it did in real light. There is slight bar­rel dis­tor­tion, and the left up­per cor­ner of the im­age is soft.

The Z5 Pre­mium Dual’s high­est 22MP count should give us the most de­tailed im­ages, but the odd crosshatch­ing ar­ti­facts that plagued the Z1 still lives on in the Z5, al­beit in a re­duced fash­ion. The re­sult is that sub­ject edges tend to take on a ‘jit­tery’ look; when view­ing the whole pho­to­graph, the jit­ter­i­ness in the de­tails make the im­age look noisy and in­or­ganic.

The Sony Xpe­ria Z5 Pre­mium Dual’s HDR mode doesn’t cap­ture as wide a range of de­tail as the rest of the cam­eras, es­pe­cially in the high­lights. The Sony Xpe­ria Z5 Pre­mium Dual’s panora­mas are ter­ri­ble for one vi­tal rea­son: It doesn’t save panora­mas in high-res­o­lu­tion like the other smart­phones, but com­presses them into low qual­ity 3MP im­ages in­stead.

The Xpe­ria Z5 Pre­mium Dual’s sav­ing grace is its video cam­era, which ac­tu­ally does quite well. Rolling shut­ter is kept to a min­i­mum, and there’s lit­tle noise in low light. Even though it lacks op­ti­cal im­age sta­bi­liza­tion, its dig­i­tal im­age sta­bi­liza­tion works to smooth the shot.

The Z5 Pre­mium Dual de­liv­ers the best white bal­ance, but it suf­fers from ar­ti­fi­cial-look­ing im­age noise, even in good light.

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