HP DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage 3635

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to be ex­act. There’s a black ink car­tridge, and a tri-color car­tridge that houses the cyan, ma­genta, and yel­low col­ors. If you were won­der­ing, the HP 680 black ink car­tridge has a page yield of about 480 pages, while its tri-color coun­ter­part has a much lower page yield of about 150 pages. Not a whole lot, but then again, the DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage 3635 isn’t ex­actly po­si­tioned for high­vol­ume print­ing.

Al­though its RM319 price tag might sug­gest oth­er­wise, the DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage 3635 ac­tu­ally per­forms re­spectably well. It man­aged to print out an A4­sized Word doc­u­ment in 10 sec­onds flat, an 8-page PDF doc­u­ment that had a hand­ful of im­ages in one minute and 27 sec­onds, and a lengthy 25-page, graphic-laden Word doc­u­ment in five min­utes and 28 sec­onds.

With that said, the DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage 3635’s doc­u­ment print qual­ity isn’t quite what we ex­pected, as we didn’t even need to squint or get up close with one of its print­outs to no­tice that the text was fuzzy around the edges. While switch­ing its print qual­ity from ‘Stan­dard’ to ‘Best’ did help cut down on the grain­i­ness by a small mar­gin, we’re just not sure if it would be worth wait­ing an ad­di­tional 15 sec­onds for a sin­gle-page print­out as a re­sult.

But if there is one thing that the DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage 3635 is amaz­ingly good at, it would be print­ing beau­ti­ful pho­tos. The photo of a colorful red-eye tree frog that we used as a gauge was printed out with deep, vi­brant and punchy col­ors, de­spite leav­ing the print qual­ity to ‘Stan­dard’.

All things con­sid­ered, the DeskJet Ink Ad­van­tage 3635 is ac­tu­ally a re­ally de­cent prin­ter. Sure, its doc­u­ment print qual­ity isn’t quite as sharp, but it com­pen­sates for it by be­ing able to churn out stel­lar qual­ity pho­tos. What’s more, it’s also very rea­son­ably priced, and is like­wise able to func­tion as both a scan­ner and copier – what else can you ask from a RM319 prin­ter?


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