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HWM Mo­bile net­work­ing devices such as 3G/4G don­gles and MiFi devices are fast be­com­ing hot com­modi­ties as our ap­petite for data con­sump­tion con­tin­ues to grow. De­pend­ing on the de­vice type, here are the two tests we com­monly use to gauge their per­for­mance: • For devices ca­pa­ble of send­ing and re­ceiv­ing data pack­ets such as a mo­bile router with a LAN port, we use our stan­dard 1GB file trans­fer test at var­i­ous ranges to see how sta­ble and fast the con­nec­tion is. • As for devices that rely on a mo­bile op­er­a­tor's sig­nal strength such as MiFi devices, we test them around the Klang Val­ley to pro­vide you with a bet­ter pic­ture of the ser­vice as a whole. For devices like th­ese, we also rely on the ap­pli­ca­tion or web­site to dis­cover its Down­load, Up­load and Ping rates.

| MARCH 2016

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